German Hospitals Face Unprecedented Struggles as They Treat Syrian Refugees

Syrian “refugees” have been welcomed to the US by President Obama.  Germany is struggling to deal with the many diseases carried by migrants from Syria. A report from a doctor serving in Germany is causing some in the West to fear as more countries open their borders to those seeking asylum.   Citizens of the US and other western nations are right to be concerned.  Germans who have worked hard their entire lives cannot get medical care at no cost, but refugees who have just arrived there from Read more […]

It’s the Return of the Obama Show Fainter

President Obama heroically caught a fainting diabetic, pregnant woman yesterday during a speech about the problems with his health care law’s roll out. At least that’s the media spin on it. If you watch the video, Obama barely laid a finger on the woman, Karmel Allison, while the man behind her  does the actual catching. But it’s just like Obama to try to take the credit for someone else’s work. Besides a bout of “he’s so caring” hero worship from the media, the incident raised hoots of Read more […]

Why AARP Loves Obamacare

Paul Ryan got booed recently at an AARP conference when he said that the best way to save Medicare would be to repeal Obamacare. AARP is supposedly an “independent” and “non-partisan” organization that speaks to seniors’ concerns and helps them get discounted health coverage. Then where’s the disconnect between AARP and their 35 million members? Most AARP members are completely opposed to Obamacare, but AARP is very much in favor of it. I thought they acted with their senior members’ Read more […]