Shaking Down Fat People: Obamacare Doctors Conspire To Herd Money Into Weight-Loss Scams

The Associated Press puts out the party line. Newser appropriately changed the headline of their shorter version of the article: “New Guidelines Tell Doctors to Harangue Patients About Weight.” They come from the usual suspects, including the American Heart Association. And it is all about Obamacare and welfare for doctors: The good news? By next year, most insurance companies are expected to cover counseling and other obesity treatments, following in the steps of the Medicare program, which Read more […]

Obamacare As Anti-Second-Amendment Government Harassment Tool

Two doctors have reported that swimming pools are a real threat to our nation’s children, among high numbers of drowning deaths for all ages in all water locations every year. “While public health resources and policies have largely focused on water parks and beaches, it may be more crucial to intervene on home swimming pools,” said Arin L. Madenci, the study’s co-author. [But see below!] This should not be a surprise. A glance at the Center For Disease Control’s page on water-related Read more […]

Minnesota Store Cited For Selling Candy “Cigarettes”

The St. Paul, Minnesota city council unanimously voted in 2009 to outlaw cartoon character lighters and candy that resembled cigarettes. Unfortunately, a small shop in St. Paul didn’t get the memo and had candy “cigarettes” in stock as well as gum shaped like cigars and chewing tobacco. The candy cigarettes were their biggest sellers. The Star Tribune reported that a city official visited the store a little over a week ago and instructed them to get rid of all the candy that looked like tobacco Read more […]

Obama Food Fascism is Famishing!

I would agree that Americans and especially kids have a growing problem with obesity, and the main culprit is a bad diet. Americans eat too much junk and little if any whole natural food. But at the same time, I definitely don’t want our government mandating what we should and shouldn’t eat even if their mandated food choices were better. That is not the Constitutional role of our government, and it would inevitably lead to our government mandating that everyone eat only rice cakes and drink Read more […]