Obama-chaos: Obamacare Continues to Wreck Doctors

Since we are now in a brief Obamacare “surge” of propaganda that the Affordable Care Act is “working,” here’s a bit of reality to face. A CNBC headline: “Physician says Obamacare is causing ‘chaos’ for doctors.” The administration is furiously trying to rectify another Obamacare issue: faulty enrollment data that could soon become a significant headache for consumers and insurers. The latter say much of the information they have received is practically useless, which means some consumers Read more […]

Obamacare Pro-Abortion Mandate Now In Effect

Sandra Fluke complained that during the time spent as a law student, contraception could cost $3,000 or more, and that 40% of the female population at Georgetown University Law School suffered financial hardship because of the high cost of birth control, which the student insurance policy didn’t cover. Her testimony before Congress prompted Rush Limbaugh to make remarks about Fluke, saying that she was a “slut” and a “prostitute” and that she wanted the taxpayers to pay for her promiscuous lifestyle. Read more […]