What Americans Really Believe about Homosexual Marriage

In light of the Supreme Court hand-picking the issue of homosexual marriage this week – an issue that has been settled by our Creator, the laws of our republic and the righteous compliance of the American people – I thought it was important to ask where the American people are deriving the belief that radical homosexual marriage is accepted by a majority of our citizens. Fact: At least 33 states have voted down homosexual marriage. During the state’s Proposition 8 battle, 7 million Californians Read more […]

Liberal Slogans: Dominus et Deus, Heil Hitler, and ‘Lord and Savior’

Jamie Foxx (Eric Marlon Bishop) declared that President Obama is “Our Lord and Savior.” He may have been joking, but for a lot of people it’s no joke. They view the President as the Bread King, the source of their daily needs, their political savior. Jesus fed thousands with a few loaves of bread and some fish (Matt. 15:32–39; Mark 8:1–9; Matt. 14:13–21; Mark 6:31–44; Luke 9:10–17; John 6:5–15). Governments have been trying to duplicate this miracle by turning digits into wealth Read more […]