The Divinity of the American Individual

Each year, the American Bible Society commissions a study it calls “The State of the Bible.” The Barna Group conducts the polling and data collection and the survey segment is American adults, 18 and older. This year’s survey reveals some very interesting results. The majority of respondents (56%) said they believe that the Bible has too little of an influence on American society, far outnumbering those who believe the Bible has too much influence (13%). This obviously means that the majority Read more […]

Religion, Politics, and Dinner Parties

It is often said that polite dinner conversations should not include religion or politics. Perhaps it is because dinner hosts prefer peace to hostility, or because both topics are prone to individual monologuing. Either way it is a surefire way to raise the collective blood pressure of your dinner guests. I would suggest that in addition to maintaining peace and limiting long-winded diatribes, another reason to not talk about religion or politics at the table is because they are so closely related. Read more […]