Love Your Neighbor as Yourself in a Mass Shooting

While it is horrible that the victims in the San Bernardino shooting were unarmed and vulnerable, so that fifteen were killed by merely two shooters, it is important to remember courage and self-sacrifice in the face of death. Yesterday, this showed up in my Facebook feed: While Facebook memes are not something I would consider reliable, this one could be easily verified. For example, the New York Post reports, “San Bernardino survivor calls victim Shannon Johnson ‘her hero’” When Read more […]

Umpqua Gave Us a Real Life Action Hero

Unlike an action hero on the screen, Chris Mintz took real risks and real damage. The problem with a fictional action hero in a movie or in a TV show is that they are the protagonist. You know they can’t really get hurt. They are also always super effective. In fact, whether it is Jason Bourne or Denzel Washington as “the Equalizer” or any of the others, they constantly encourage the myth that a person can be so trained and so skilled that he can fight people with guns and know that he Read more […]

Hero from Kentucky Goes to Help Iraqi Refugees

A dentist is taking time to travel to serve Iraqi refugees and help them in other ways. Hero (noun): A person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. North American – another term for submarine sandwich. David Sperow would be an example of the first definition. Many times he’s freely chosen to travel into the most dangerous places on earth to help the oppressed. [See also, “The Christian with a $56 Million ISIS Read more […]

A Hero Without a Badge; A Tragic Victim Without a Gun

You may remember when I wrote about this brave woman, who single-handedly risked life and vehicle to disable a bank robber’s vehicle, that the police issued a warning that we should all leave the crime-fighting to them. I suppose the police will use this story to substantiate their advice. A 47-year-old Yucaipa man suffered fatal stab wounds while chasing a thief who’d stabbed and robbed a woman of her purse, say sheriff’s officials in that city. Troy Cansler died at a hospital following Read more […]