L.A. Governor Makes Gun Owners into Criminals

Soon, gun owners will be liable to have their gun magazines confiscated from them. The problem with being  law-abiding gun owners is that the government can keep changing the law. In such a case, being “law-abiding” simply means adept and willing to follow whatever orders are given by politicians. Guns.com has posted a pretty sad story, reporting, “Los Angeles Mayor signs confiscatory magazine ban into law.” In 60 days, there will be no such thing as a legally grandfathered civilian-owned Read more […]

Brilliant: Limit Gang-Member Capacity Instead Of Magazine Capacity

A high-capacity magazine (HCM) for a semi-automatic gun (which includes most handguns) is considered to be one that can hold more than 10 rounds. HCMs are what Democrats desire to outlaw. HCMs are not dangerous, of course; they are simply the things that hold the things that come out of the things that criminals sometimes use to kill people (though they more often use knives and fists). It is not the guns, or the magazines and rounds inside them, that society needs to worry about. It is evil people. Read more […]