Seventy-Five Percent of High School Seniors Have Been Wasting Their Time in School

Three-fourths of students should have been doing something productive with their lives rather than going to math classes. That is what we learn from the recent release of the nation’s “report card.” Sixty percent would probably be better off if they had dropped out and gotten a full-time job. According to Breitbart, In an abysmal showing, only about one-quarter of U.S. high school seniors performed solidly in math in a major assessment known as the nation’s report card, reinforcing concerns Read more […]

$37 Million of Taxpayer Money Being Spent to Sell Obamacare to California Residents

If Obamacare is such a great program and according to President Obama is so successful, then why does the federal government have to spend money we don’t have to brainwash high school students to accept and promote the socialist medical program? Covered California is the name of the state’s healthcare exchange program part of Obamacare.  Covered California is receiving $43 million of federal grant money, $37 million of which will be used to promote and educate California residents about Obamacare.  Read more […]

High-School Prom-Queen Trannies From Outer Space

I bring to your attention a most nauseatingly politically correct news report out of Middleboro, Massachusetts, about an amply proportioned high-school prom-queen transsexual. Of course the report doesn’t refer to Cody Tubman, our subject, in such terms. The article, from the local CBS affiliate, does, however, use the self-contradicting phrase, “She was born a boy….” From that point onward, only feminine pronouns are used to refer to this delusional dude. Cody says most of his schoolmates Read more […]

Arizona High School Graduates to Swear Oath to Constitution?

Scandal is once again rocking the streets and social media pages of Arizona where a group of Republican legislators are asking for the unthinkable.  They have proposed a bill that would require all graduating seniors to take a loyalty oath to the Constitution of the United States of America.  Worse yet, the end of the oath has them, oh this is almost too scandalous to say out loud, but it says, ‘So help me God.’ Bob Thorpe (R-District 6 in northern Arizona) along with 5 other Republican Read more […]