Hillary Rodham Clinton Plans to Campaign Hard Left

I think this headline from the Washington Post is interesting: “Clinton is banking on the Obama coalition to win.” It is interesting because the Obama and Clinton wings of the party don’t seem to like each other at all. However, the “coalition” refers to the demographic voting bloc rather than political alliances. Hillary Rodham Clinton is running as the most liberal Democratic presidential front-runner in decades, with positions on issues from gay marriage to immigration that would, in Read more […]

Barack Obama Tells Evangelicals what to Believe and Do

No one is surprised that Barack Obama is ready and willing to tell Evangelicals to be more like him. I remember back when Barack Obama “changed his mind” about homosexual marriage—that is, he found it politically expedient to admit openly to the agenda he had planned from the beginning. It was amazing to see the reaction from homosexuals. They spoke like Roman Catholics who had just been touched by the Pope. Somehow, Obama’s good opinion of them and their “unions” was a source of life Read more […]

Obama Nominee Under Investigation For Intervening on Behalf of Hillary’s Brother

Many companies in the US do business with foreign companies and governments.  That business often requires people from other countries to travel to the US.  In order to do so, they need to obtain a visa before entering the US.  Those visa requests or applications are handled by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Gulf Coast Funds Management, a financing company is one of those companies that works with people from around the globe.  They applied for a US visa for the vice Read more […]