Hispanic Privilege: They Don’t Believe in Same-Sex Marriage

In a painful self-flagellating article on white privilege, the writer shows the people he pities are more privileged than he is. I am tempted to say a lot of things about this rather silly piece at the Washington Post: “I tried to escape my privilege with low-wage work. Instead I came face to face with it.” And it has a teaser line: “The advantages of race and class are not easily shed, even in a falafel shop.” But they weren’t advantages of race at all, and advantage is not identical Read more […]

Millennials, Hispanics, not Flocking to Obamacare

Awhile back I posted about the (surprising?) fact that both millennials and Hispanics voted for the GOP in 2012. Additionally, despite pajama-wearing icons, millennials have not been flocking to Obamacare—probably because being fleeced to support wealthier older citizens doesn’t seem like an attractive option. It now turns out that the trend is continuing with Millennials and Obamacare enrollment—and it also is happening for Hispanics. See this story at the Daily Caller: “HealthCare.gov Read more […]

Whites Are No Longer a Majority in Our Schools so We Can See the Coming Implosion of Liberalism

If Whites are no longer a majority in our schools, we are about to get a preview of the coming implosion of Liberalism. Headlines like this one are missing the point: “White Students to No Longer Be Majority at School.” For the first time, U.S. public schools are projected this fall to have more minority students than non-Hispanic whites, a shift largely fueled by growth in the number of Hispanic children. The changing demographics of American education are apparent inside Jane Cornell’s summer Read more […]

American Fertility Still Declining

It seems like about every six months a report comes out about how fertility rates in the United States are still quite low. The Pope has even taken to preaching against the use of house pets as substitutes for having children. Well, it is that time again. Aljazeera, the network that bought out Al Gore’s old media company is reporting on the bad news. (I have to wonder if the old network would have reported this as good news.) For the second year in a row, deaths of non-Hispanic whites outnumbered Read more […]

Let’s “Fix” Childhood Obesity Because What Could Go Wrong?

As I mentioned yesterday, in order to prove the power of Big Government at his State of the Union message, President Barack Obama threw out the claim, as if it were a proven fact, that Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign had helped to bring about the first decline in childhood obesity in thirty years. This gave us a perfect example of how lovers of Big Government make their case that Big Government is helpful by fabricating successes. But the childhood obesity cause also demonstrates Read more […]

Obamacare V. Hispanics

One of the problems with comparisons of race demographics in the United States or anywhere else is that they leave out other variables. For example, the fact that the average age of a Hispanic is 27, much younger than the average age of a White, is going to have implications. To compare generic Hispanics to generic whites will be misleading. Forgetting that the average Hispanic is young can have another effect. It can allow people to assume that Hispanics will be naturally in favor of the Affordable Read more […]

Media: Be Just Like Christie, Win Votes By Extolling Government Competence

Under the headline, “DEAR REPUBLICANS: Here’s How To Not Be Hated By Minority Voters,” we find a story about how Christie has won Hispanic voters. It includes this: Bert Aguilera (“like Christina,” he said), a Democratic-leaning independent originally from the Philippines, cited a favorable tax-sharing arrangement that has helped his home city of Seacaucus and Christie’s record of bipartisan compromise. The compromise factor is key. Republican messages often appeal to a resentment of government Read more […]

Immigration Reform Bill Will Prevent Arrest of Illegals

US Border Patrol agents not only work along the Mexican border but they also patrol many of the roads that lead from the border to US cities.  If they see a vehicle full of Hispanics driving north on a dirt road a few miles from the Mexican border, they routinely pull them over and ask for identifications.  The majority of the time, they are illegals that just crossed over the border and they are arrested. If the proposed immigration reform bill is passed and put into law in its present form, Read more […]

School Only Uses English In Official Notices; Spanish-Speaking Janitors Sue

If it is not the goal of liberalism, it is certainly the end result: a backwards, ignorant society. The following story accents the ignorant. Twelve Hispanic janitors at the Auraria Higher Education Center in Denver, CO, are biting the hand that feeds them in suing the school that, although it did not have to hire them, did anyway. The complaints are threefold, and each issue could have been avoided had the janitors taken it upon themselves to learn English. And that is not my conservative Read more […]

Is Racial Segregation Creeping Back into Government Schools?

The Florida Board of Education recently passed provisions outlining goals for students’ math and reading skills. They don’t treat all the students equally though. They’ve applied different goals based on a student’s race or ethnic background. They’ve segregated the students into groups including Asians, whites, Latinos, and blacks. More is expected from Asians than from all the groups. The Board wants only 74% of black students to be reading at or above their grade level by 2018 compared Read more […]

Liberal Believes Government Not God Grants Rights

Near the end of his speech at the Republican National Convention, Paul Ryan told the audience that “sometimes, even presidents need reminding, that our rights come from nature and God, not from government.” I’m not sure what Ryan meant by adding “nature” to “God,” since appealing to nature to establish rights has a sinister history. For example, there was a time that blacks and women were considered to be inferior “by nature.” Aristotle believed in the reasonableness and “natural Read more […]