For Planned Parenthood, a Woman’s Health comes Second to a Man’s Right to Keep his HIV a Secret

While Planned Parenthood in America is rejoicing that the Republicans fully funded and getting the evidence of their crimes hushed up, the international organization is telling teens all over the planet that they have a right to sex and, if they are HIV-positive, the right to keep it a secret. From The Federalist: International Planned Parenthood Federation, of which Planned Parenthood Federation of America is an official affiliate, maintains it is a person’s “human right” not to tell Read more […]

STDs Are on the Rise

With social media companies that encourage sex with strangers actively trying to silence warnings about STDs, no wonder they are increasing. According to NBC News: “CDC Sees ‘Alarming’ Increase in Sexually Transmitted Diseases.” Common sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhea have exploded in recent years, in part because of reduced funding for public health clinics, federal officials reported Tuesday. And more than 1.4 million cases of chlamydia were reported last year — Read more […]

Backing Out of the HIV Story?

A few days ago I pointed out this odd HIV story that claimed a health crisis was brewing. People with HIV are not taking the drugs that claim to slow the disease and stop it from spreading. What was odd about this story was that it definitively stated that only a minority of those who were infected with HIV were doing anything to make it less contagious, but it didn’t make any claims that, as a result of this irresponsible behavior, the spread of HIV had increased. So I had to suggest: “Perhaps Read more […]

HIV Health Crisis or Exposure of Scaremongering?

The news report at the Sun Herald takes the position that this is an HIV health crisis story: “70 percent of Americans with HIV don’t have virus under control.” Seventy percent of Americans who have HIV do not have the disease in check, and many of them are no longer receiving treatment, according to a study published Tuesday. […] The study found that of 1.2 million people who were living with HIV in the United States in 2011, fewer than three in 10 had the virus under control. Twenty Read more […]

Bill Gates the Condom Missionary

Bill Gates has a mission; it is to stop people from breeding. Here he is declaring that population growth must be reduced to near zero. I’ll leave aside the weird remark about vaccines causing population reduction (but if you google it a bit you will find some interesting background). What Gates admittedly spells out here is a rationale for reducing the population expansion to almost zero. At least! Thus, he has a new project: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has awarded scientists Read more […]