Mayhem Marks Black Friday — Again

Abandoning hearth and home, thousands of people across the country ran to heed the annual call of Black Friday. Just one day, or even less, after Americans gave thanks for all they have, hordes of shoppers looking for a bargain walked over each other for the first major holiday sales of the year. In their wake, they left chaos. Not just anticipated crowds and disappointed bargain hunters who couldn’t get to the TVs, computers or other objects of their attention. The Black Friday crowds this Read more […]

The Problem of Paganism

It never fails to amaze me how some Christians want to make issues over the most ridiculous things. For example, I can always count on a number of individuals to complain loudly about their refusal to observe certain holidays, because they are based on “pagan traditions.” I’m sure most readers know at least one or two of these people themselves, perhaps you even are one. And even though I have no desire of being respectful to actual pagan traditions, fighting this holiday war is a misguided—despite Read more […]