Hollywood Hypocrites Produce Extreme Income Inequality

Celebrity Leftists plugging Democrat slogans about income inequality are the worst offenders! Ever wondered how much people in the lower echelons of the movie credits make? Well, here you go! From the belly of the beast—The Hollywood Reporter—you can see what a “Best Boy,” a “Gaffer,” and a stuntman take home. “Hollywood Salaries Revealed, From Movie Stars to Agents (and Even Their Assitants)” How bad is the decline in actor salaries over the past decade? Despite the huge sums Read more […]

Why Hollywood Generally Votes Democrat

Ever wonder why most actors lean left? I have some ideas: They rarely live in reality. They spend a lot of their time acting like zombies or zombie-killers or space police or magical fairies (you know, like Harvey Milk), etc. You can’t blame them if their view of the world is a little fantastical. They’re very concerned about appearances. When you’re an actor, you are largely nothing much more than a set of appearances. It’s not like you actually are anything. You’re a mouldable ball Read more […]