Home Intruder? Today Show Teaches Helplessness

A home intruder is a terrifying possibility. Does the image below show the best way to respond to it? I was aghast over the weekend to see, thanks to Infowars, that NBC’s The Today Show suggested using car keys and wasp spray to deal with invaders. Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy To an extent, I can understand slanting a show towards disarmed people since, if you’re armed, you already know basically how you plan to deal with a hostile Read more […]

Homeowner Arrested For Firing Warning Shot At Home Intruder

If you found someone trying to break in your backdoor, what would you do? That’s the situation that 36 year old Corey Thompson found himself in.  Thompson, a military veteran verbally warned the intruder that he was armed and that he would fire one warning shot only.  Evidently, 40 year old Jonathan Kinsella, a convicted felon, did not heed the warning, so Thompson fired one warning shot with his AR-15. Thompson told local news: “When I’m dealt with a stressful situation, being a veteran Read more […]

Home Intruder Fears Owner Has Gun — Calls 9-1-1

I wish every would-be criminal had the same fear that 25 year old Timothy Chapek had. He broke into a home in Portland, Oregon.  When the female home owner arrived home, she discovered someone was in her bathroom taking a shower.  She called through the door for the person to identify themselves and the intruder told her is name was Timothy Chapek. Before the homeowner could call 9-1-1, Chapek called and told the dispatcher that he had broken into a home and now feared that the home owner Read more […]