US Grants Asylum to Muslim Terrorists but Not to Christian Homeschoolers

About ten years ago, the Tsarnaev family was granted political asylum in the United States. Curiously over the past 10 years family members have made frequent visits back to the country they fled from. A month ago two members of the family set off pressure cooker bombs at the Boston Marathon as an act of Muslim terrorism. The United States government received warnings about one of the Tsarnaev boys from Russia. The warning included possible links to terrorist activities in the United States, but Read more […]

Who is Presumptively in Control of a Child’s Education—Parents or the Government?

If you’re a homeschooling parent and you’re not sure of the answer to that question, then you may want to read what is happening in Nebraska that may answer that question and have an impact on your rights. Eric and Gail Thacker, have five school aged kids.  They did not enroll them into the local public schools as they were home schooling.  After six weeks, charges were filed against the parents and they were found guilty of truancy, a criminal offense, but they were not fined. Mike Farris, Read more […]

Sweden Uses Nazi and Communist Tactics against Homeschooling Families

On December 10, 2012 a Swedish appeals court terminated the parental rights of a Swedish family. The parents want to homeschool their son. Homeschooling is a crime in Sweden and Germany. As a result of this Nazi-style law, their son was taken from them and the State was granted full custody rights. Bob Unruh of WND writes: “The appeals panel reversed a lower court ruling that granted Annie and Christer Johansson custody of their son, Dominic. But if the decision is not reversed again by the Read more […]