Liberal Legacy: San Francisco Streets Littered With Human Waste

San Francisco used to be a nice town. The shining City by the Bay. That was a long time ago, though, before the city turned into one of the nation’s leading dens of liberalism and the residents went collectively insane. There are a lot of troubles these days in San Francisco, the home town of Nancy Pelosi. Most of them are brought on by the leaders of San Francisco, from designating the town a “sanctuary city” for illegal aliens to allowing various “clothing optional” parades, fairs and other Read more […]

Sledge Hammer! Democrats Love The Poor As Long As They Stay Out Of Sight

No one should steal a shopping cart. It is wrong to steal. That being said, smashing stolen property so that it no longer works is not a sensible plan. For one thing, if it is easy to steal shopping carts then smashing the ones that are already stolen, and whose original owner cannot be identified, will only increase the demand for more stolen carts. Why am I discussing the economics of smashing stolen grocery store carts? Because a Democrat State Representative in Hawaii has decided to make a Read more […]

Did You Know Christmas is about a Homeless Couple?

Every Christmas season we hear the inevitable revisionist version of the Christmas story in order to further government programs. Jesse Jackson was the first to do it in the December 26, 1988 issue if Jet Magazine. The title of the article was “Jesse Jackson Tells the Real Meaning of Christmas.” He made the same claim in 1991.1 He repeated his “homeless couple” theme at the 1992 Democratic Convention: “We hear a lot of talk Read more […]The Atlanta Journal/Constitution (December 28, 1991), A9. [↩]