Another Tragedy Shows the Importance of Gun Ownership

Most people who elect to spend money on lottery tickets and not on gun ownership do just fine, except for the wasted money on lottery tickets. Craigory Burch Jr. and everyone around him probably thought he was luckier than most unarmed lottery players. He won $434,272. But he wasn’t lucky at all. He would have been luckier if he’d never won the money. You know what comes next. After his winnings were announced (all over the local media one can assume) the door of Burch’s residence Read more […]

Congress Has to Pass Law Saying that Killing a Person Counts as Murder

But 177 representatives do not think that killing a baby that was born alive should be defined as murder. How do you get away with murder? You say it is between a doctor and a patient. I’m not writing about abortion. Yes, that too is murder. I’m writing about babies who are born alive. I am responding to this sickening headline at CNS News: “177 House Members Vote Against Bill That Makes Killing a Born Baby Murder.” The U.S. House of Representatives voted 248 to 177 on Friday Read more […]

A Survivor of the War on Women Testifies to Congress

A woman who barely escaped the war on women with her life, and who still suffers from her wounding, speaks truth to power. It only makes sense that hearings on Planned Parenthood would discuss the war on women! I’ve mentioned how happy I am that politicians are taking this opportunity to speak about it. It is also great that they gave Gianna Jessen a platform to speak about the war that was waged against her, attempting to kill her, and giving her permanent problems to this day. Julie Roys’ blog Read more […]

Nursing Resentment Is a Path to Murder

Perhaps the on-air murders should make politicians think twice about nursing resentment as a strategy to gaining power and staying in power. The Associated Press reports, “Gunman in on-air deaths remembered as ‘professional victim'” The man who was news director during Vester Flanagan’s rocky tenure at Virginia station WDBJ-TV described him as someone who constantly saw himself being victimized by others. Dan Dennison described Flanagan, who shot and killed a reporter and a cameraman on live Read more […]

Book Admits Babies are Removed Alive from the Womb and Used for Research before They are Killed

Though the videos are censored, we already have evidence that babies are removed alive from the womb for human experimentation. Last Thursday I published about documented experiments on live babies that were accepted by the Medical establishment back in the seventies and later. The blog author who wrote about the experiments and translated the medical jargon is Stacy Trasancos. Trasancos also has an open Facebook profile. Recently she posted a couple of images with this comment: This book has Read more […]

Mass Killer Is Enrolled in College: The Compassion of the Wicked is Cruel

Mass killer Anders Breivik gets to start a degree in political science courtesy of the government. Just to refresh everyone’s memory, Anders Breivik slaughters a bunch of people to make some kind of political statement. Now he’s getting his college degree. reports, “Mass Killer Breivik Is Going to College.” Convicted mass killer Anders Behring Breivik is going to college. The 36-year-old right-wing extremist, serving 21 years in prison for killing 77 people in politically Read more […]

ISIS Murders POWs Using Children

Be prepared to hear vehement denials that ISIS murders are in any way related to Islam. The Religion of Peace doing what Muhammad did. Here is the report in the Daily Mail: “Slaughter in the Roman amphitheatre: Horrific moment ISIS child executioners brutally shoot dead 25 Syrian regime soldiers in front of bloodthirsty crowds at ancient Palmyra ruin.” Child executioners are shown in the video being forced to brutally slaughter a group of more than 25 regime soldiers.  The video shows Read more […]

Hillary Clinton Attacks Free Speech by Blaming Donald Trump for Race Violence

When she claims that political speech can “trigger” violence, Hillary Clinton attacks free speech. If Donald Trump had actually called for violence against some group, then I would have no problem with Hillary Clinton speaking out against him. But he didn’t. That didn’t stop Hillary Clinton from referring to Trump’s announcement speech and claiming it could cause violent mass killings like what happened in Charleston, South Carolina. I have already pointed out that the mainstream Read more […]

Terry Schiavo Was an Early Warning of the Police State

The way Terry Schiavo was killed involved police “just following orders.” I missed it when it happened, but March 30 was the ten year anniversary of the killing of Terry Schiavo. Father Frank Pavone wrote an editorial about it at the Washington Times because he was there when she was dehydrated to death. (She was malnourished too, but I’m pretty sure thirst kills you more quickly.) Anyone who tells you that Terry Schiavl was “a vegetable” is lying to you. That statement is used because Read more […]

Woman Stabbed to Death Waiting for Gun Permit

The state needs to keep us all safe, even at the cost of a woman stabbed to death. Since I reported on a woman who survived an armed attack because she was permitted more than ten rounds, perhaps it would be good to contrast that story with another about a woman stabbed to death because she wasn’t permitted a gun. Of course, this woman had filed a restraining order against the suspect. And, of course, this restraining order did nothing to prevent him from stabbing her to death. But the Read more […]

Mysterious Banker Deaths Have Not Stopped

While we worry about climate change, and Jenner’s first name, the mysterious banker deaths continue and are not investigated. Here is an addendum to what I wrote about Senator Whitehouse and his smoke-and-fire cliché: If you think there’s a lot of “smoke” indicating fire when it comes to climate change… here’s a subject on which a full ten-alarm blaze is underway. Consider this report from Wall Street on Parade: “Wall Street Banker Deaths Continue; Where Are the Serious Investigations?” Last Read more […]

The U.S. Gov Kills Civilians Indiscriminately and Everyone Knows It

When Barack Obama kills civilians “by accident” he knowingly commits acts that we condemn as terrorism when others do them. Interesting headline: “Pakistanis see double standard in drone strikes, ask Obama apology for civilian deaths.” And here’s a choice quote: “the death of innocent civilians, regardless of their citizenship, is something that the U.S. government seeks to avoid if at all possible.” —U.S. Government statement I call “balderdash!” It is always “possible” to avoid Read more […]