Consumer Protection Used to Cancel First Amendment

A Jewish non-profit is on trial for counseling people dealing with same-sex desires in the name of Consumer Protection. David Jolly reported about this case back in mid 2013, but it has not gone away. reports, “Powerful Leftist Group Sues to Close Jewish Counseling Service for Gays.” Jury selection begins today in a trial that pits a $340 million left-wing group against a small Jewish non-profit. The result could be the closing of all counseling services in New Jersey that aim Read more […]

Accreditation Board Pushes Christian College to Give Up Faith

Liberals Pretend that They Can Force Homosexuality on Christian College without Attacking Christianity. I remember reading of a time when American leaders were willing to risk their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor to stand and fight for what was right and true. Now, we cower in fear against tyrants with phones and pens. Thus, the Boston Business Journal informs us, “Accreditation board gives Gordon College a year to review policy on homosexuality.” The regional body that Read more […]

Christian Fired for Opposing Queen James Bible on His Personal Blog

The Queen James Bible, as it is called, is a revision of the Bible that mutilates its teachings against homosexual practice. A Christian is a follower of Jesus and takes the same view of Scripture that Jesus does. (Yes I know, when Jesus was ministering in Israel, he had fewer books that were Scripture to him. His own ministry added to that number. My point is that he showed reverence for what was Scripture then and his followers show the same reverence for what is Scripture now.) And since Christians Read more […]