Obamacare Hostages Do Not Justify the Program

Obamacare hostages are the few people who were uninsured until Obamacare was implemented, but they don’t negate the extensive damage that has been inflicted. We constantly hear from the administration of some (small) number of people who have allegedly benefitted from the Affordable Care Act. In the meantime, one of my friends in the Philadelphia area reports that his rates are rising by 29 percent. Another in Nashville says his rates are going up by 32 percent. That jives with my own experience. Read more […]

Is Obama Planning To Intentionally Incite Food Riots In November?

Gary DeMar pointed out two days ago that the food stamp shut down that occurred over the weekend is a sign of bad things to come. When I read it, I agreed with him. But I didn’t think he was talking about what might happen in a little over two weeks. A Utah food pantry obtained a letter that purports to be from the USDA. The local Fox13 news station is treating the letter as a serious story: The letter says that, “in the interest of preserving maximum flexibility, we are directing Read more […]

Why I Doubt The Government Will Grab Our Guns

No matter how much politicians pretend to be offended by “assault rifles,” one fact remains undeniable: they really aren’t that dangerous to the regime. Frankly, the moment we allowed “them” to have a monopoly on rocket launchers and automatic weapons, we more or less gave up the real reason for the Second Amendment. Just to be clear, I’m sure that many politicians would be happy if we were already disarmed. They would like our SWAT teams to have a freer hand. And I think they would Read more […]

Is Obama Having His Jimmy Carter Moment?

News about the terrorist acts in Egypt and Libya are hard to keep up with. We’re learning more of the horror every hour. It seems that all that this administration and his supporters in the media can do is apologize for the United States and blame America for the assaults. We’ve seen this before. Jimmy Carter’s presidency was defined by the word “malaise.” It was a succinct summary of all that went wrong. But if there was one event that expressed the utter failure of Carter’s four Read more […]