Democrats Block Obamatrade

Wha-a-a-a-a-a? … It’s finally happened. The day has come when the House Democrats’ actions are actually saving the Republic from the Republican leadership and the ambitions of the Democrats’ own creation, President Obama. That’s right. The party that was so happy a year ago about Obama’s ever-expanding usurpation of powers that some of its members were sending him lists of topics to use executive authority on, has just blocked Obamatrade. It wasn’t solely the Democrats’ doing, of course, Read more […]

Did Defense Money Buy NSA Votes?

When the House recently defeated a bill to cut funding for the NSA’s national telephone-snooping program with a vote of 217-205, it was an example of the triumph of private money over public good. A Berkeley-based nonprofit called MapLight analyzed the vote and compared it with political donations to House members at the request of Wired. The analysis found that the 217 House members who voted against cutting NSA funding, both Republican and Democrat, had received on average 122 percent more Read more […]

Congress: The Least Productive in 70 Years

How long do you think you would still be employed if out of dozens and dozens of projects waiting to be handled, you had only managed to complete 15 of them over the past six months?  I don’t know of many employers that would keep someone on their payroll who was so unproductive. Believe it or not, one company has over 500 employees that make a minimum of $174,000 per year, who after only completing 15 projects out of dozens and dozens backlogged projects, are still employed.  They are the Read more […]