Loretta Lynch and Terrorist Money Launderers

Since we’ve had reason to write about the strange priorities of Loretta Lynch, worrying more about possible future anti-Muslim rhetoric than actual people being killed, perhaps it would be helpful to remember her past record. Before she was U.S. Attorney General, she had a case that related to terrorism. According to The P.C. Graveyard, “Loretta Lynch Lets Bank Execs Escape Jail for Money Laundering for Terrorists.” When Loretta Lynch was a US Attorney General for the Eastern District of New Read more […]

Banksters Demand No Accountability

Two Banksters quit because they don’t want to be subject to justice. I think we should propose these same rules in the United States, and see how many shifty financial rats jump off the banking ship. This proves criminals are smart enough to see the handwriting on the wall. [Also about HSBC: “International Bank Gets Away With Money Laundering For Terrorists and Drug Cartels.”] From the Daily Mail: “Two leading HSBC directors quit in protest at tough new rules that will punish Read more […]

International Bank Gets Away With Money Laundering For Terrorists and Drug Cartels

HSBC (formerly Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) is the UK’s largest and the world’s second largest bank. They’ve come under fire recently for laundering billions of dollars for drug dealers and terrorists through their American subsidiaries. But despite the bank’s admittance that they did allow such activities to occur, the U.S. Assistant Attorney General Lenny Breuer has chosen not to prosecute the bank’s officials on criminal charges. He has instead agreed to be paid off by Read more […]

Does Iran Have Higher Ethical Standards than Washington?

Iranians, hit by sanctions and soaring prices, were shocked by the scale of a $2.6 billion bank loan embezzlement scheme that was exposed last year, and by allegations it was carried out by people close to the political elite or with their assent. Days ago, an Iranian court handed down sentences. Of 39 defendants whose charges were heard, the court’s judge has sentenced four to death and two others to life imprisonment. The remaining defendants received prison terms of 25 years, 20 years, 10 Read more […]