The False Hope Of Discrediting Obama: Idolatry Not So Easily Refuted

This HuffPo article states what I would love to be true: For Obama and the Democrats who’ve stood behind Obamacare during four years of relentless attacks from Republicans – including a face-off that led to a 16-day government shutdown and a threat of U.S. default – failure of this magnitude would discredit a core premise of this presidency, that government can do big things to improve Americans’ lives. It is a pleasant dream, but it is probably not really a possible outcome. If people were Read more […]

The Race Card As A Mystery Box of Goodies

A teaser headline at The Huffington Post reads, “GOP Campaign Deletes Shocking Racist Anti-Booker Tweet.” At first I thought, “Hmm, ‘shocking’? What was said, [the N-word]?” Which was a really silly thought to have had because, after all, this is The Huffington Post, and even such an innocuity as white paint is racist in their eyes. So I clicked the link, which took me to an article headlined “Steve Lonegan Campaign Deletes Racially Charged Tweet About Cory Booker.” Ah, so it’s merely racial, Read more […]

HuffPo Study Accidentally Confirms: Black Women Overrepresented In Mags

A silly article at The Huffington Post bemoans what it thinks is the institutionalized racism of the popular media, which is one of the most baseless beliefs one could ever hold. Their evidence for this absurd notion is an experiment HuffPo conducted in which they observed the cover models of 16 different magazines, ranging from Teen Vogue to Women’s Health to Maxim and Harper’s Bazaar. What they discovered is that from the September 2012 issues to the September 2013 issues, 82 percent of the cover Read more […]

A New Poll that Liberals are Going to Hate and Ignore

Liberals love to push polls that show how Americans are changing their views on homosexuality. There’s a reason why people are changing their views: homosexuality is never discussed. It’s always gay this and gay that, gay marriage and gay pride. It’s never men and women who are engaged in same-sex sex: abnormal, contra-biological, and unsanitary sexual relationships. If homosexuals were consistently homosexual (no adoption or surrogacy), there would never be a second-generation of married Read more […]

Abortion Advocates and Absurd Arguments from Absurdity

According to the ever-reliable Huffington Post, the City Council for Wilmington, Delaware has passed a resolution urging for a “personhood of sperm” amendment. I’m sure the writers of this resolution consider themselves masters of satire. Because it is so patently obvious that a human embryo and a male sperm are so much the same that if a man can dispose of his sperm however he wishes, women should be able to do what they want with the genetically unique and independent organism that is growing Read more […]

Church Defaced by Homosexuals Gets Little News Coverage

St. Jude Catholic Church of the City of Westlake Village was defaced on Easter weekend. The following brief story appeared in the April 11, 2013 issue of The Acorn, a community newspaper that serves Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Oak Park, and Westlake Village in California: “Vandals targeted the 32000 block of Lindero Canyon Road sometime between Fri., March 29 and Sat., March 30, authorities said. “The graffiti included a reference to homosexuality, several four-letter words and a swastika, a source Read more […] brings free-market capitalism to the DNC

You can’t fault the DNC for trying. A panel discussion on jobs creation that claimed to be “A Bipartisan Search for Solutions to the Jobs Crisis” included such noted job creation experts as Tom Brokaw, Rosario Dawson, and Black Eyed Peas singer, I’m not exactly sure where the “bipartisan” aspect of the panel was being displayed, but it was hosted by The Huffington Post, so we’ll forgive them for not knowing what that word actually means. The highlight of the (spoiler alert) Read more […]