Voters Voted for Gridlock and Liberals Know It

There should be no doubt that Americans voted for gridlock by voting for Republicans. On November 4, while Americans were voting in overwhelming numbers for Republicans, The Huffington Post ran a piece by Jeff Schweitzer: “The Price of Failure and Rise of Extremism: How Democrats Blew It.” Mitch McConnell, with a straight face and no apparent appreciation for irony, said that voters should install a Republican majority in the Senate because his party would “be able to bring the current Read more […]

Laziness, Not Just Bias, Is Killing Journalism

The objectivity of the mainstream news media had been in decline for decades when, in 2008, gasping its last breath, it gave itself into the soothing arms of death. As it stands today, it is nothing more than an institutionalized, 24/7, year-round campaign for Democratic politicians. Although objectivity has perished, we are now beginning to see also the pretense of objectivity gradually wither away, with established and highly acclaimed news sources doing a slow, unashamed reveal of their Read more […]