Book Admits Babies are Removed Alive from the Womb and Used for Research before They are Killed

Though the videos are censored, we already have evidence that babies are removed alive from the womb for human experimentation. Last Thursday I published about documented experiments on live babies that were accepted by the Medical establishment back in the seventies and later. The blog author who wrote about the experiments and translated the medical jargon is Stacy Trasancos. Trasancos also has an open Facebook profile. Recently she posted a couple of images with this comment: This book has Read more […]

The Planned Parenthood Videos Don’t Begin to Show the Hell of Baby Experiments

Gruesome baby experiments are conducted all the time and everyone knows it. So far the Planned Parenthood videos have raised the possibility of babies being born alive and being killed to be shipped off for “research.” At least that is what is alleged. The more specific videos have been banned by an Obama bundler judge. All we can say for sure is that StemExpress is desperate to keep the videos from being viewed. But we don’t need video. It is all recorded and admitted in detail. The Read more […]

For “Science,” Mothers Tricked Into Hurting Their Babies’ Chances of Life & Health

No hospital would take these risks, without ‘cover’ from the government. If they knew they could be held responsible for harming these precious babies, they would never treat them like rats in a laboratory. From the Daily Signal: “Did Government’s Experiment on Preemies Hide Risks?” by Sharyl Attkisson Just 24 weeks into her pregnancy, Sharrissa Cook gave birth to a critically ill baby boy. Dreshan weighed in at a fragile 1 pound, 11 ounces. He lay motionless in the incubator, connected Read more […]

Obama Administration Endangers Lives of Involuntary Human Subjects in Hopes Of Justifying New EPA Regs

Hope and change? John Kerry accused Vladimir Putin of acting like a nineteenth century ruler in a twenty-first-century world. But perhaps Barack Obama’s Administration is exercising domestic power like a Cold-War-era bureaucrat in the new millennium. After all, during the cold war, the U.S. military exposed parts of Saint Louis to dangerous levels of radiation without telling anyone. In her research, she found that the greatest concentration of spraying in St Louis was at the Pruitt-Igoe public Read more […]