No Men’s Barbershops Allowed!

Men’s barbershops are a violation of human rights. Be thankful the government is here to save us! Over a year ago, Mark Horne posted about a Colorado bar that catered to “bears”—a certain kind of hyper-masculine homosexual subculture. This bar allegedly turned away a homosexual male who was dressed as a woman. They said it was because his driver’s license didn’t match his appearance and they wanted to avoid trouble with the government. He claimed it was “discrimination.” Colorado’s Read more […]

Another Defeat of the First Amendment in Court

A baker lost his case that he had a First Amendment right not to support a same-sex “marriage.” We have judges in this country who are completely committed to emptying the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We get to see another instance of this in the ruling, yesterday, against Jack C. Phillips, the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in suburban Denver. A three-judge panel claimed that he was guilty of discrimination for refusing to make a wedding cake for two men. What makes this ruling extra Read more […]

The Queens’ Censors: The End of Art & the Pansex Regime

Is homosexuality and “human rights” going to bring about the end of art in the United States? Robert Gagnon the notoriously straightforward Bible scholar recently pointed to this editorial from the Alliance Defending Freedom. It’s been nearly a decade since Jon and Elaine Huguenin left home and family to make their life in the West. They moved to Albuquerque and opened a photography business, specializing in weddings. Jon handled the finances; Elaine was the artist—and was good enough Read more […]

Declaration of Independence: Our Rights Come From God

There is a Creator God and He determines right and wrong, good and evil… not man. This is the most important foundational principle of law and justice. If this principle is not understood as absolute, undeniable truth, one could conclude that every principle in our founding charter, The Declaration of Independence is a lie.  If there is any shadow of a doubt about the fact that the God of the Bible is our Creator and He alone, totally independent of the will of man, determines right and wrong, Read more […]

The Transgender Superstition Adopted By Supreme Court of India

The lead paragraph of the Washington Post website story is interesting: In India, as in almost every nation in the West, people who are either male or female have historically been forced to designate themselves as either a “male” or “female” on all governmental forms. The lead paragraph is interesting because that is not what it says. Here’s the real one: In India, as in almost every nation in the West, members of the transgender population have historically been forced to designate Read more […]

SCOTUS Signals That It Doesn’t Care About Religious Liberty

I’ve expressed some pretty extreme skepticism that the Supreme Court has any chance of vindicating the freedom of conscience of the owners of Hobby Lobby. I was and still am hoping that I my feeling is wrong. But yesterday we received a signal from the Court and it is not a good one. From the Washington Post: The Supreme Court declined on Monday to consider whether a New Mexico photographer had a right to refuse service to a same-sex couple who wanted her to record their commitment ceremony. Without Read more […]

Did Anyone Really Expect Barack Obama to Confront the Saudis on Human Rights?

It really understates what is going on to say that President Obama failed to discuss human rights with the Saudi royalty. He refuses to speak to them while he goes out of his way to accuse other nations of human rights violations. He has worked hard to spread Russophobia and to pressure Nigeria and other African countries for taking much less violent action than what we find in Saudi Arabia. The Olympic coverage was full of disparaging remarks about Russia’s oppression of homosexuals, even though Read more […]

The Hobby Lobby Case: If Rights Really Mean We Get Free Stuff, Then Why Haven’t We Heard This Before?

The First Amendment is as follows: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. So, this is understood as the articulation of the right to freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of press. Did the First Amendment mean that Congress was supposed to provide Read more […]

The Government Dehumanization Project: Chimp Rights

People are trying to get a chimpanzee rescued from a cage by filing a habeus corpus claim with the government. This wouldn’t matter much to me except that CNN’s legal expert has decided to proclaim (“grudgingly”) that their arguments are persuasive. A writ of habeas corpus requires a person under arrest to be brought before a judge or into court. The idea behind habeas corpus is to provide a mechanism to seek the release of an unlawfully detained prisoner who is being held without sufficient Read more […]

It’s The Law: The American View Of Government Is The Biblical View

At the foundation of every social order is a concept of law and government.  For most of the history of our country this foundation was the Bible — the Word of God — including both the Old and New Testaments.  Thus, the American view of law and government is founded on the Biblical view of law and government.  This is explicitly made clear in the Declaration of Independence, which makes reference to the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God and The Supreme Judge of the World. The Declaration, Read more […]

Common Core Teaches Human Rights – United Nations Style

The list of concerns over the Common Core Standards is growing.  First there were the reports about recommended reading material for high school students that was pure pornography.  One book glorified rape, incest and pedophilia. Then I wrote about how Common Core discriminates against students from low-income homes.  Nationwide Common Core testing involves computer typing skills.  Kids as young as 9 years of age are expected to be able to type one full page in the writing section of a test.  Read more […]

Homosexual Couple Attempts To Force Christian School To Be Pagan

I don’t know how it is possible that Hope Christian School in Albuquerque, NM ever considered admitting the three-year-old boy into school, but when they discovered that he was being raised by “two dads,” they rejected his application. As much as it would have been wonderful to do whatever possible to disciple the child in the Faith, the legal mess would have been horrific. As soon as they taught the child about Adam and Eve, the “parents” would have been enraged and perhaps even gone to Read more […]