Gallup Poll: It’s Still Bush’s Fault

A recent Gallup poll indicates that two-thirds of Americans still blame Bush for America’s current economic woes. Though about a third of Americans blame Bush and Obama equally, most of us continue to lay the blame for the economic crisis squarely on the shoulders of the man who retired from the presidency more than four years ago. Apparently, it’s still Bush’s fault. There are a number of issues at work here. For one, economic policies don’t have immediate economic effects. For another, Read more […]

The Thin Line Between “Civilized” and “Savage”

When they boarded the ship, some of them thought they knew what to expect: sun-bathing, lots of good food, daily (and nightly) entertainments, rest and relaxation. For some of them, this was the first cruise they had ever been on. Things went the way they should have for a while. And then, without warning, the Carnival cruise ship Triumph lost power. Now, floating in the Gulf of Mexico, being dragged by tugboats, the boat isn’t a floating paradise anymore … it’s a living hell. Reports are Read more […]

Politicians Need to Take a Lesson from Davy Crockett and Horatio Bunce

Fearing another Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana Republican Senator and tea party favorite David Vitter called on President Obama to issue a declaration of emergency so that the state of Louisiana could take advantage of the federal funding that comes with disaster relief. He said: State and local governments need every tool and resource available to respond to this rapidly approaching hurricane. . . . Due to the serious nature of Tropical Storm Isaac and the worsening forecast by the National Weather Read more […]