Computer Models for Hurricane Completely Contradict One Another

NPR interviews weather expert about why no one can be sure where the hurricane will land because of the different computer models. We are told that climate change is “settled science” when the computer models are proven wrong all the time. This conversation on NPR is amazing because it admits freely that scientists can’t agree on the path of a hurricane because different computer models give them different results. The scientists are all using the same data and coming to entirely Read more […]

If Storms Are Evidence of Climate Change Then What Are No Storms Evidence For?

We are constantly told that climate change is causing more severe weather. When a typhoon hit the Philippines causing major damage, many treated it as a sure sign that global warming was affecting the earth. But if severe weather is a sign of “climate disruption,” then what is the meaning of a record lull in severe weather? Back in December, I wrote about a New York Post story claiming that hurricane season had been amazingly calm this season. I now consider that story confirmed by the Read more […]

Politicians Need to Take a Lesson from Davy Crockett and Horatio Bunce

Fearing another Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana Republican Senator and tea party favorite David Vitter called on President Obama to issue a declaration of emergency so that the state of Louisiana could take advantage of the federal funding that comes with disaster relief. He said: State and local governments need every tool and resource available to respond to this rapidly approaching hurricane. . . . Due to the serious nature of Tropical Storm Isaac and the worsening forecast by the National Weather Read more […]