New Fuel Prices Show Gov Doesn’t Know Future

Recent fuel prices are spoiling the government’s plans for getting us all into alternative energy and other technologies they have been pushing on us. In every case, the government’s apologists and spokespersons claim, in the most condescending and pretentious manner possible, that the government has the experts and the resources to tell us all how to best move into the future. We don’t have “five-year-plans” in the U.S. but that isn’t because the people who rule us don’t wish Read more […]

Green Energy Still Far Off

The official version of reality is that we are running out of what we know as fossil fuels. So gas and coal are going to become more expensive so that it becomes worthwhile to get our energy from other sources, like wind and solar. So all one needs to do is stop investing in oil and start investing in alternative energy. In the case of automobiles, it is time to ramp up production electric cars or at least hybrids because someday gas will be unaffordable. There is, however, a problem with this Read more […]

Do Electric Cars Really Reduce Dependence on Fossil Fuels?

At the Obama administration’s bidding, the Department of Energy recently gave 43 billion taxpayer dollars to fund research into better electric car batteries (most notably for the Chevy Volt). The government-subsidized Volt had been the rightful butt of many jokes in 2011 when faulty battery technology caused many models to catch on fire. (This was a case of a bad idea literally going up in flames. But hey, if we run out of fossil fuels, we can always burn Chevy Volts, right?) As has been the case Read more […]