Scientists Call a Halt to Overselling Calamities

Respected scientists are complaining about reports that are overselling calamities. When Nature magazine runs an editorial about it, the problem has to be growing to an embarrassing size. Bob Tisdale guest posted about the problem at the climate change skeptic website, Watts Up with That. He quotes Nature: The state of the world’s seas is often painted as verging on catastrophe. But although some challenges are very real, others have been vastly overstated, researchers claim in a review Read more […] Not Fixed, But Hyped

When you’re getting pummeled under the wave of arguably the most visible and egregious government failure of modern times… it’s time to retreat to your most proficient talent: Lie some more. The Wall Street Journal reports: Great news: The White House says that and the 36 federally run insurance exchanges are finally good to go. The only thing missing from Sunday’s relentlessly upbeat progress report was President Obama in front of a “Mission Accomplished” banner. […] Most Read more […]