Man Brings Cat to Animal Shelter; Gets Killed by Cops

A man doesn’t think he should have to show identification in order to drop off a stray at an animal shelter and ends up killed by cops? The blog has a really good post about the import of a man fatally shot in the stomach by police. According to Raw Story: Police fatally shot an Alabama “sovereign citizen” Tuesday during an altercation at an animal shelter. Investigators said 30-year-old Robert Earl Lawrence became disorderly as he attempted to turn over a stray animal Read more […]

Bill Clinton: It’s Harder to Vote than Purchase Assault Weapons

When you start hearing intelligent people say stupid things, you know they’ve lost the argument. Bill Clinton is a smart man. He’s a Rhodes Scholar. He’s well read. But he can’t defend liberalism by an appeal to facts. So he does the only thing he can. He makes up stuff. The same tactic is used by today’s racialists. Everything is about race. Criticism of an Obama policy is an attack on him and all blacks because he’s black. People are getting tired of hearing the “it’s all Read more […]