Feds Commit Identity Theft; Claim to Own Criminals

Identity theft is a government prerogative according to the DEA’s defense in court against a lawsuit. Apparently, if the Feds ever bust you for a crime, and get legitimate access to your private data, they are permitted to use the data about yourself, your loved ones, to steal your identity, and even endanger your children for a good cause. I don’t see how they could make those claims without asserting ownership rights over the person on the basis of a conviction for a crime. According to Read more […]

Identity Theft To Skyrocket Under Obamacare

Have you ever been the victim of identity theft?  If so, you know the nightmare it creates having to contact everyone and every company you do business with. You have to contact the banks and get them to close your accounts and set up new ones.  Anyone you have to make auto payments to have to be notified and those auto pays re-established with the new account.  Employers have to be notified to change direct deposits.  All of the businesses and utilities that you pay on line have to have all Read more […]

Colin Powell Has Gone Soft in the Head on Voter ID Laws

Colin Powell may be a General, but when it comes to politics and logic he has gone soft in the head. He sounds almost as foolish as Julian Bond who said that “North Carolina has become the new Mississippi” because it has passed voter ID laws. Every soldier in the military had to show identification to enlist to prove his or her age. And get this — they wear “dog tags” for identification throughout their time of service. Powell claims that voter ID laws punish voters: “I want to see Read more […]