Hillary Clinton Advocates Lawlessness: No Illegal Immigrants

Hillary Clinton could advocate a variety of positions on immigration that, while they might be wrong and dangerous, would not necessarily be lawless. But she has wholly committed herself to pretending that current laws don’t exist and we must never mention that people have broken those laws. Yahoo Politics reports, “Clinton promises never to say ‘illegal immigrants’ again.” Hillary Clinton addressed criticism of her use of the phrase “illegal immigrants” in a Facebook chat hosted by Read more […]

Federal Immigration Bureaucracy Treats Local Governments as Serfs

Gateway Pundit points out one of many disturbing features about the current immigration (manufactured?) crisis: local government is treated as if it did not exist. Mayor Alan Long, as you can see if you watch the video, claims that no one from Immigration or from Homeland Security ever gave him warning about what was going to happen in Murietta, California. They haven’t explained why illegal aliens are being brought to his town—why his town was chosen. The Fox News host asked the mayor Read more […]

NPR’s Immigration Double Standard: A Story With No Mention Of “Undocumented”

I heard the story on my radio this morning and the hypocrisy blew my mind. NPR is just fine with Europe trying to stop illegal immigration from Africa. The story even used the term “illegal” more than once. It never mentions “undocumented workers.” Libya and Europe get better treatment in this story than Arizona ever did. It seems one of the militias in Libya is hired to stop illegal immigrants from going through their country to the coast. While the story did allow some more pro-immigration Read more […]

Blacks Supporting Amnesty for Illegals Are Hurting Blacks

I still find it mind boggling to see so many black Americans pledge their support to the Democratic Party.  Since before the Civil War, Democrats have always supported slavery and the oppression of freed slaves.  For over 150 years, Democrats have done everything in their power to suppress and segregate blacks.  Former President Lyndon B. Johnson was perhaps one of the most racist presidents in American history. The Republican Party has always championed the freeing of slaves and giving blacks Read more […]

Does Fox News Promote Racial Stereotypes?

I remember when I first saw Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I always liked Audrey Hepburn, and the movie was mildly entertaining… that is, until Mickey Rooney’s character showed up. I remember being completely shocked. How in the world did they get away with that? Rooney played an embarassingly exaggerated, insipid Japanese stereotype—complete with coke bottle eyeglasses, a rising sun kimono, and r’s for l’s. I remember looking at my mother wondering, “Does she think this is funny? Does she Read more […]