Restricting Guns to “Officials” Doesn’t Keep Us Safe

A recent murder by an illegal immigrant should make people reconsider, not just immigration enforcement, but the value of restricting guns. From CNN: “Gun used in San Francisco killing belonged to federal agent, source says.” The shooting death of a San Francisco woman had already fueled a fresh round of fierce debate over U.S. immigration policies. Now a new detail in the investigation adds another dimension to the discussion. The gun used in the killing of Kate Steinle belonged to a Read more […]

U.N. Contemplates Forced Migration of Californians

Never let a good crisis go to waste, especially if you caused it in the first place. Isn’t that the motto of modern liberalism? We’re definitely seeing that slogan put into action by leftists, from the White House to the State House to the City Hall in the case of the border crisis. As wave after wave of illegal immigrants — at least a fifth of whom are gang members and assorted criminals rather than innocent “children” — have invaded our country, politicians on the left side of the aisle Read more […]

The U.S. Government Could Get Guatemala and Mexico to Shut Off Immigration Tomorrow, if They Wanted to Do So

What you have here is clear evidence of two nations collaborating to increase the influx of illegal immigrants into the United States. Remember, these are two nations who undoubtedly receive gobs and gobs of “foreign aid” from the United States. Via Google Translate: “Starts the President Enrique Peña Nieto South Border Program.” The President, Enrique Peña Nieto, with the President of Guatemala, Otto Perez Molina, today launched the Southern Border, whose purposes protect and safeguard Read more […]

White House: Border Crisis Driven by ‘Criminals’

The White House is supposedly “surging” resources to the southern border to deal with the tidal wave of illegal immigrant children, even as it surges truckloads of kids to Republican-dominated states and towns in what is certainly just a strange coincidence. Officials say they are alarmed by the number of children, many unescorted by any adult, swarming across the border, sometimes on the order of hundreds per day. The White House has finally admitted that “rumors” of amnesty and free government Read more […]

In Spite of “Shutdown,” National Park Service OK’s Immigration Reform Rally

If you’re a World War II Veteran, you won’t be able to visit the War Memorial that might bear the names of some of your old and fallen war buddies. If you’re a Vietnam Vet, you might get arrested for trying to visit the Vietnam Memorial in New York City. If you want to jog on a national park trail, you might get ticketed $100. If you live in a house that sits on federal land, you might get booted out. If you own a business that sits on federal land, park rangers might block the Read more […]

GOP Chris Christie’s Democratic Ways Leads To Highest Poverty Level In 52 Years

For the past year I’ve been saying that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a Democrat in Republican clothes.  Earlier this year, I raised the question if Christie could run for re-election this November on both the Republican and Democratic tickets because of his very liberal policies. To list just a few of his liberal ways that makes him look more like a Democrat than a Republican, I’ll start with his anti-Second Amendment stance on wanting to ban any form of assault or assault-style Read more […]

On Illegals: Having Young Kids Doesn’t Negate A Criminal’s Crime

Most of the stories that any liberal media outlet reports as shameful and atrocious are stories that thinking citizens would read and fail to see why there is an outcry over the matter. Thoughtless citizens, however, like the writers at The Huffington Post, who let feelings rather than rationale dictate their beliefs, rend their garments in outrage over these news items. One such item involves Tennessee Republican congressman Scott DesJarlais at a town-hall meeting with his constituents last week. One Read more […]

Bill O’Reilly: The Jack Kevorkian of the Republican Party

So Bill O’Reilly, great defender of folks, is officially on the immigration bandwagon. Hooray! Another conservative bites the dust. Although I guess that’s not accurate. O’Reilly has never described himself as a conservative. I’ll second that. He’s not. But even if he had after coming out in favor of “immigration reform” he could no longer wear that moniker. His claim is that if Republicans don’t line up behind the RINOs (my word, not his) and support the bill, all will be lost and Hillary Clinton Read more […]

Will Texas Become California 2?

Who hasn’t heard the new pro-immigration ads? It seems like they’re playing on every news-radio station, all day, every day. Americans for a Conservative Direction is a lobbying group put together by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who is definitely not a conservative. The southern RINO Haley Barbour is also involved. The ads posit the notion, put forth by Republicans Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan, that the current immigration system is de facto amnesty. They neglect to mention that the current Read more […]

Crimes of Illegals in America

Under Herbert Hoover’s presidency during the Great Depression, local governments ordered the deportation of illegal aliens to make jobs available to American — citizens that desperately needed work. Harry Truman introduced legislation in 1951 to reduce the illegal immigration problem. And then in 1954, President Dwight Eisenhower deported approximately 1.3 million Mexican nationals due to the growing threat to national security and the American economy. This current administration walks Read more […]

America’s Melting Pot Becomes America’s Pressure Cooker

The United States has borders that are nearly undefended. America is the only nation on the planet where this is so. George W. Bush’s soft spot for Mexican illegals did tremendous damage to what remained of America’s immigration law. It’s much worse now. RINOs and some “Conservatives,” like Senator Marco Rubio, are more than eager to compound the blunder, despite evidence provided by history and the outrage of their constituents. Senator Rubio, especially, seems to have slipped a Read more […]

Sheriff Joe and President Obama

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona wants to have a “man-to-man” sit down with President Obama over beers and cigars and really discuss the illegal immigration issue. The Obama administration claims Sheriff Joe is violating the “civil rights” of Hispanics, while he says he is simply enforcing the existing law. Despite a lawsuit pending against him, Sheriff Joe just won re-election at the age of 80 years old. No stranger to controversy, Sheriff Joe has always done things his Read more […]