Illinois Financial Crisis Scares General Electric Away

General Electric has no problem with state tampering with the economy when they are the direct beneficiaries of that tampering. We have seen this with their push for the renewal of the Ex-Im bank, and their shameless use of campaign donations to pressure politicians. However, when a government’s tampering with the economy leaves the economy at the point of an impending crisis, GE doesn’t want anything to do with it. The Chicago Tribune reports, “State Pension Crisis Hurt Chicago’s Chances for Read more […]

What if He Would Have Had a Gun?

James Vernon is 75 years old and teaches chess to children at his local library.  Last week, he jumped into action when an attacker threatened the children he teaches. According to The Pekin Daily Times: Sixteen children were getting a chess lesson from James Vernon in a room at the library when 19-year-old Dustin Brown allegedly came in with a hunting knife in each hand screaming that he was going to kill people. Vernon tells the Washington Post that one thought went through his mind: “This Read more […]

No Jackpot yet for Illinois Lottery Winners

Illinois lottery winners are promised their money is “there” but they just can’t get it yet. Danny Chasteen has been playing the lottery for years, according to the video news story embedded at CNN Money. Unlike millions who pay into those state lotteries year after year and never win anything substantial, Chasteen recently won a quarter million dollars! Except he doesn’t get it—at least, not yet. According to CNBC, The Chicago Tribune reported that disbursements of Illinois Read more […]

Downgraded Chicago: The City Is Officially Junk

Moody’s has officially downgraded Chicago bonds to the status of junk bonds. Regular readers might remember that back at the end of February I wrote about how Moody’s downgraded Chicago’s bonds to two steps above junk. Nothing has really changed since then except that Chicago’s insane, corrupt finances are appearing more and more for what they are: beyond hope of recovery. I was amazed when I wrote that earlier post that an establishment source like Reuters would acknowledge Chicago’s Read more […]

Racism in Illinois Concealed Carry Permits?

A black gun owner denied a concealed carry permit, along with many others, raises questions about racism in Illinois government. Liberal racists? If so, this should not surprise you at all! Didn’t Michael Bloomberg tell us that minorities must be disarmed for their own good? While the Illinois government was able to disarm everyone except cops, the biases of the political masters stayed hidden. But now that they are supposed to grant carry permits to gun owners, we suddenly get to see their Read more […]

Armed Bystander Saves Group from Wild Gunman

An armed bystander fired back at a shooter, neutralizing him as a threat. The next best thing to having a firearm on your person when you need it is being near an armed bystander who is skillful and courageous enough to save your life. Famously, Chicago has been extremely resistant to allowing residents to exercise their right to bear arms, despite the Second Amendment. Only a year ago, it would have been illegal to be an armed bystander with the ability to intervene during a criminal attack. Read more […]

Illinois Has the Same Law that Indiana Passed

How can two states have the same law and only one get condemned for it? Or twenty states? Pete Heck writes in the Indy Star about opposition to the Indiana religious freedom restoration law: Eskenazi Health argued that enactment of the law could lead to the denial of health services for people in need of medical attention. To bolster this outlandish and irresponsible claim, one activist testified before the Statehouse that before her female partner died of ovarian cancer, she worried that the Read more […]

Illinois Income Tax Cut? GOP Governor Promised but No

It looks like Bruce Rauner won’t lower the Illinois income tax. It was great that Illinois got a Republican governor. What is not so great is the false hope that fueled his campaign. Megan McArdle writes, “Land of Lincoln Scrounges for Pennies.” Illinois’s new Republican governor is walking into a big mess. The state’s pension system is a disaster, and while legislators have tried to alter the system to make it more affordable, their plan is currently wending its way through the courts Read more […]

Unions Force Non-union Workers into Their Recruitment Events

Even when they lose a court case, unions get to force the winners to do their will. With tyrants, the answer is always the same: My way, or my way. Here is an example from Illinois Watchdog: “Illinois funnels training to big donor union.” Pamela Harris of Lake County is the home health care provider for her adult son, who suffers from a genetic condition that causes severe physical and developmental disabilities. Harris and others like her who provide care for loved ones receive a Read more […]

Judge Sides With Mayor’s Police Raid of Parody Twitter Account

Back in April I posted, “Banana Republic in Peoria, Illinois: Police Sent after Parody Twitter Account.” Now we have an update and the news is not good. The Guardian reports: The police hadn’t even come for him. When four fully-armed officers of a Swat team burst into Jacob Elliott’s house in Peoria, Illinois in April they were looking for the source of a parody Twitter feed that had upset the town’s mayor by poking fun at him. It transpired that one of Elliott’s housemates, Read more […]

Tennessee Is the Un-Illinois State

Terrible picture, but a great “State of the State” update from Tennessee Secretary of State, Tre Hargett, yesterday in Nashville. Here’s a man who has cut his office’s budget from over $30-million per year in 2009, to $27-million today—AND, they’re returning over $2.2-million to the treasury, effectively cutting about 17% of spending since he took over, while we all know the price of everything has been going up. [See also, “Half of Residents Say They Wish They Could Move Out of Illinois.”] The Read more […]

Liberals Work Hard to Make Conservative Gun-Control Clichés Come True

Time out of mind conservatives have insisted that nullifying the Second Amendment and disarming the populace can only lead to a police state. If people can’t defend themselves the government will “protect” them by becoming an armed, occupying force. Liberals scoff at the idea… and then they call for it to become a reality. In The Daily Beast, Roland Martin makes his desire clear: “Send the National Guard to Chicago.” A major American city is quickly being lost to guns, gangs, drugs Read more […]