Ditching Monogamy Means Self-Destruction

Today I have seen news articles on these recent “marriages”: A woman and two other women A woman and her dog A woman and a bridge (yes, a stone bridge) A 61-year-old woman, and an 8-year-old boy A woman and herself And… a proposed “marriage” of a man and his laptop. Then there’s the New Republic piece referenced in this brilliant bit of writing by James Lileks at National Review—rarely is blatant, narcissistic, destructive, self-centeredness so clearly on display as in “It’s Read more […]

CNN Money: Sex Workers Love Obamacare–Making Prostitution More Economically Attractive Through Federal Subsidies

Thanks to Newsbusters: Organized by “Siouxsie Q,” a Bay Area sex worker, the event was meant to encourage other sex workers to enroll in the new insurance exchanges. It was a rousing success: Nearly 40 men and women attended and almost all of them filed enrollment paperwork. In the all-cash, off-the-books sex industry, workers can be particularly high risk and insurance is often out of reach. Many sex workers — a broad term that can refer to a number of services, including sexual massage, Read more […]

The Limits of Government Surveillance? For Now.

Story: Air Marshal Adam Bartsch was on duty Thursday when the incident occurred on a Southwest flight from Nashville to Tampa, according to an affidavit. A witness saw 28-year-old Bartsch snapping photos underneath women’s skirts, grabbed the cell phone and brought it to the attention of a flight attendant. Bartsch was removed from the flight and taken into custody. He admitted to taking 10 to 12 photos underneath women’s skirts. Officials say he’s taken similar photos several times Read more […]