Video Shows Why You Should be Armed in Your Vehicle

When you are armed, you have another option besides begging for help over 911. What would you do if a vehicle was pursuing you, attempting to force you off the road, flashing a badge and purporting to be an officer, and actually made contact with your vehicle? With apologies for the language—this is a real-life situation of total panic for two young ladies who met up with a crazy woman on California’s Highway 80. [Editor’s note: Bob is not kidding. Though we want this blog to be generally Read more […]

Criminals Impersonating Cops: What Does That Mean for Self-Defense?

In many states, they try to jail you for videotaping them. They will break into your home in a blitzkrieg, sometimes burning babies. If you shoot to defend yourself as they break into your home with guns drawn, they will charge you with murder. I could go on and on. Of course, I’ve had some great experiences with police officers. One was so helpful with a flat tire and never bothered to ask to see my ID. I wanted to send a letter of commendation to his superior saying he acted as if there was Read more […]