Next Sexual Orientation: Polyamory

There’s no slippery slope but we are being told to legalize polyamory now. featured this article the very day the Supreme Court declared that same-sex marriage exists and that it is a fundamental right: “It’s Time to Legalize Polygamy: Why group marriage is the next horizon of social liberalism.” Obviously it was ready to go as soon as the Supreme Court released their verdict, which everyone knew it would. The writer attacks Liberals for not being willing to provide marriage Read more […]

Same Sex “Marriage” Is Really About the Demise of Real Marriage

We’re reaching another point of impact in the ongoing train wreck that is “same sex marriage” and the courts. As the Chillicoth Gazette reports, The broadest attack yet on states’ gay marriage bans will be Wednesday in a packed courtroom in downtown Cincinnati, where lawyers challenging four states’ prohibitions will stand shoulder to shoulder in hopes of convincing a three-judge panel the bans are unconstitutional. The states — Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and Tennessee — have so far Read more […]

Childish Pretense That American Law Does Not Value Sexual Pleasure

The Washington Post gave space to Margo Kaplan, an assistant professor of law at Rutgers School of Law-Camden, so she could claim that “our courts and legislatures are still strangely squeamish about sexual pleasure, tending to treat it as a topic to be avoided or an immoral indulgence the state should prevent.” Cutting through her verbiage, Kaplan wants the courts and culture to recognize a right to sexual pleasure that will weigh against any law or proposed law that might restrict such pleasure. Read more […]

Jeremy Irons, Gay Marriage, and Incest

Though Mr. Jeremy Irons may not realize it when he made his remarks appearing to link incest and same sex marriage, in fact the lawyer of a father accused of incest in the US has already gone down this track. David Epstein’s lawyer has argued that his client’s consensual sexual relationship with his adult daughter could be seen in the same light as gay relationships. His client, a professor from Columbia University, has pled guilty to a misdemeanour charge of “attempted incest” last year. This Read more […]

Yale Hosts Sex with Anything Event

On a Saturday afternoon, Campus Reform reports, Yale hosted a “sensitivity training” event “where students were asked to consider topics such as bestiality, incest, and accepting money for sex. . . . The session was hosted by ‘sexologist’ Dr. Jill McDevitt, who owns a sex store called Feminique in West Chester, Pa.” For information purposes, Yale’s original motto, written in Hebrew (אורים ותמים) and Latin (Lex et Veritas) is “Light and Truth” from God’s Word, the Bible. Bestiality Read more […]