U.S. State Department Using Funds to Start LGBT Network in India

Because “American exceptionalism” means our government has a global mission to spread LGBT acceptance in other countries. The State Department has already made a major push to force homosexual “rights” and same-sex “marriage” on nations all over the world. Now they are using funds to “stimulate” (my term) LGBT activism in India. CNS News reports, “State Dept to Spend $49,083 to Create a Network to Support the LGBT Community in India.” The State Department is planning to spend Read more […]

Sometimes Ending Child Labor Is Cruel to Children

Advocates of ending child labor need to gain some respect for unintended consequences. Milton Friedman famously suggested that government programs should be measured by results, not their intentions. I’m sure he said also, or would have said, that moral crusades should be judged by their consequences, not by the intentions of the moral crusaders. For whatever reason the New York Times Editorial Board decided late last month to pass judgment on at what age and how much children in India work Read more […]

Indian Doctor on Why You Should Still Love America

While the country may disappoint and be headed down the wrong road, it still makes sense to love America. NPR produced an amazing story about a doctor who provides cheap and skilled open heart surgery for poor people: “India’s Philanthropist-Surgeon Delivers Cardiac Care Henry Ford-Style.” With Buddha-like calm, the pediatric cardiac specialist huddles over the spliced-open chest of 6-year-old Nitha Nisar. Peering into the cavity, I see a startlingly large heart, an affliction caused Read more […]

Eugenics Program Only Makes News Due to Many Deaths

First, the Associated Press reported eight fatalities in the eugnics program. Then Bloomberg reported that ten women have died. The Hindu claimed in a later report that eleven were dead. Here’s Bloomberg’s summary of what happened. An Indian surgeon used infected instruments to sterilize 83 women in about six hours, according to a local medical official, leaving 10 [now eleven or more] of them dead and another 69 hospitalized in the central state of Chhattisgarh. The doctor breached Read more […]

India Rejects U.S. Economic Leadership

This is the global story-of-the-week… the month… perhaps the year. That rumbling you’re about to feel… is a tectonic shift in the realm of finance and markets—this Administration has succeeded in a crowning isolation of the United States from virtually every up-and-coming player in world trade. From Zero Hedge: “India Slams US Global Hegemony By Scuttling Global Trade Deal, Puts Future Of WTO In Doubt.” Of course, for India the problem with a Japanese alliance is that it would Read more […]

Barack Obama to China, India: Please Slit Your Throats for Me

I can’t believe how stupid some people can be. The Washington Times headline is: “Obama pleas to China, India to forgo use of coal falls on deaf ears.” Their ears are not deaf! The problem is not their ears but the fact that they have functional brains and a healthy desire to thrive. They don’t want to impoverish themselves so that a few liberals can boast nonsense about “saving the planet.” Coal may have played an integral role in turning the U.S. into the world’s top economic superpower, Read more […]

No, Reuters, Markets Didn’t “Brush Off” Anti-Euro Votes; Markets Applauded Them

According to Reuters: “Bonds, stocks brush off Eurosceptic election gains.”  Italian assets surged and German shares hit all-time highs on Monday as solid election showings by pro-European forces in both countries provided an antidote to Eurosceptic gains in France, the UK and Greece. Though nationalists scored stunning victories in a number of weekend votes, Italy’s pro-European Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s centre-left Democratic Party was on course for a resounding win over the anti-establishment Read more […]

The Transgender Superstition Adopted By Supreme Court of India

The lead paragraph of the Washington Post website story is interesting: In India, as in almost every nation in the West, people who are either male or female have historically been forced to designate themselves as either a “male” or “female” on all governmental forms. The lead paragraph is interesting because that is not what it says. Here’s the real one: In India, as in almost every nation in the West, members of the transgender population have historically been forced to designate Read more […]

The Biggest Under-Reported News Story in the World

Herbert E. Meyer, who served during the Reagan administration as special assistant to the director of Central Intelligence, and vice chairman of the CIA’s National Intelligence Council, offers insight into the inner workings of the Reagan Administration. In addition, Meyer offers some encouraging news about how millions of people around the world are emerging from poverty at a rapid rate. (For the first part of my interview with Meyer, click here.) The first rule of organizations is that first-rate Read more […]

UN Reacts to India Rape but Not to Abuse of Women by Muslims

One of the biggest international news stories over the Christmas holiday was the brutal gang rape and beating of a young woman in Delhi, India that left the victim with fatal injuries.  The woman, a bright medical student and her fiancé were picked up by a charter bus on Dec. 16 in South Delhi.  Six men on board the bus, including the driver, attacked the couple, beating them with pipes, stripping them, raping the woman and then threw both of them off the moving bus.  The girl was flown to a Read more […]