Jesus Christ Is Rescuing People from Islam in Indonesia

Islam in Indonesia is facing a serious threat to its hold on the country. Looking for a solution to the problem of radical Islamic terrorism? Here it is at the Believers Stand United website: “Indonesia: Muslim Converts to Christianity ever 15 Seconds.” Pray for continued Christian awakenings throughout the Muslim world, as people leave behind the bloody sword of Muhammad to follow Jesus, the Prince of Peace. [See also, “Hundreds of Christian Girls Kidnapped and Forced to Convert Read more […]

John Kerry Uses Mockery To Deal With Lack of Evidence Of Global Warming (Postscript)

It is always a wonderful opportunity when the Secretary of State for the Galactic Empire the United States of America goes to some small country whose economy is the fraction of the size of ours, because then he is surrounded by people who are dying to gain his good graces and he can say whatever he wants. It is better than having canned applause. In this case, the captive audience was in Indonesia and the text of John Kerry’s sermon was the idiotic heresy of denying global warming. Anyone Read more […]

Team USA Questioned for Winning Big

The USA Men’s Basketball team has been tearing its way through the Olympic competition, as expected. But what wasn’t expected was a controversy over their complete domination of Nigeria on Thursday. The United States crushed the Nigerians 156-73 setting a single game scoring record (previously held by Brazil with 138), and moving the Americans to 3-0 overall. In the post-game press conference, coach Mike Krzyzewski was put on the defensive by accusations of “running up” the score. As usual, Read more […]