Real Story of a Canceled Abortion Prosecution: Infanticide

Recently there has been a meme going around on social media praising the work of Gisella Perl as “the angel of Auschwitz.” She performed secret abortions on inmates because women who got pregnant would be horribly killed along with their babies. Perl reasoned that she was taking one life that would be killed anyway in order to save the mother and perhaps give her a future when she could have more children. But the most important thing you should realize is that defending Perl isn’t just Read more […]

Faux Liberalism: The Hypocritical Self-Righteous Killers’ Club

In “My Baby And AOL’s Bottom Line,” Deanna Fei rips into the CEO of the company that employs her husband for blaming her baby for an unpopular financial decision: Late last week, Tim Armstrong, the chief executive officer of AOL, landed himself in a media firestorm when he held a town hall with employees to explain why he was paring their retirement benefits. After initially blaming Obamacare for driving up the company’s health care costs, he pointed the finger at an unlikely target: babies. Specifically, Read more […]

Planned Parenthood Stands Up For Women’s Right To Infanticide

Florida is considering a bill that would require abortion providers to provide medical care to an infant that survives an abortion. It doesn’t sound like a bill that I would like since it still seems to endorse the abortion industry. They just want abortionists to take care of any infant who ends up not being born dead. On a purely incremental level, pro-lifers might argue that at least it’s a step in the right direction. Maybe. One of the bill’s opponents is Planned Parenthood. Alisa LaPolt Read more […]