Was The iPhone Security Flaw A Mistake Or NSA Backdoor?

I don’t always agree with the conspiracies posited at Infowars.com. On the other hand, sometimes they are quite persuasive. And often the evil deeds they point to are not even really “conspiracies” since people are operating in plain sight, shamelessly. Yesterday, Steve Watson of Infowars addressed the question of the iPhone 6 “bug.” To get an idea of how serious this security vulnerability is, and how strangely silent Apple is being about it, see Techdirt’s post. Techdirt even mentions Read more […]

Jay Leno Dumped For Political Reasons? What Kind Of Regime Do We Live In?

Some may believe the report while others may doubt it. But the fact that the story can be told credibly tells us something undeniably true and undeniably evil about our current regime. The headline at Infowars.com is “Johnny Carson’s Head Writer Hints Leno Was Ditched Over Obama Jokes.” They are basing the claim on this editorial on Breitbart.com written by Raymond Siller, who is introduced as a longtime writer for the Johnny Carson show. The New York Times makes it clear that Leno was Read more […]

Rubio’s NSA Justifications Should Surprise No One, But Show Us Tea Party Growth

Back in 2010, when he won his place in the Senate, Marco Rubio was dubbed—mostly by the media I think—as “the crown prince” of the Tea Party. Kurt Nimmo in Infowars.com repeated that moniker in pointing to Rubio’s sad but unsurprising whitewash of the NSA. I think, rather than be horrified by Rubio, we should all realize that the “Tea Party” is growing and maturing in a good direction. Back in 2010, it was not clear that the movement was going to be a genuine small-government groundswell. Read more […]