Never Forget the Other Obamacare Lie; Rates Jacked Up

One Obamacare lie was about keeping your doctor and your plan, but another lie was about rates going down rather than up. I think the line, “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor,” and “If you like your insurance plan you can keep your plan” are burned into our memories as our President lying to us to get us to go along with his horrible plan. But we mustn’t forget another oft-repeated promise: Obamacare was going to lower rates for the average family about $2,500 a year. Read more […]

Health Insurance CEO Assures Us: Rates Might Not Rise as High as 20 Percent!

We have already received a taste of what is to come from the insurance providers in Maryland. Rates are getting ready to skyrocket. Now a CEO is confirming that the rates will be high. According to the Daily Caller: Top health insurance company Aetna will ask for Obamacare premium hikes of generally less than 20 percent, CEO Mark Bertolini said Wednesday. Bertolini spoke at a Goldman Sachs health care conference in Los Angeles, but did not specify what percentage rates would climb, Reuters Read more […]

The Insurance Bailout is Here!

The L.A. Times announced it by reporting that conservatives were “calling it a bailout.” Right, because when you are confronted by a government giving taxpayer money to an industry that might otherwise go bankrupt, it is really a matter of debate as to whether such an action counts as “a bailout.” The Obama administration has quietly adjusted key provisions of its signature healthcare law to potentially make billions of additional taxpayer dollars available to the insurance industry if Read more […]

Mainstream Media Admitting: Health Insurance Premiums About To Blast Off

I didn’t get this from a conservative blog. This is from Yahoo News… Though strangely the link suddenly stopped working as I wrote this post. What’s up with that? Perhaps it will become available again but it looks suspicious. Thankfully, the news story is still available here: Health insurance premiums will likely skyrocket next year, despite the Obama administration’s consistent assurance that consumers will not experience sticker shock under the president’s health care law. That’s Read more […]

Without Government Help Who Would Make Healthcare More Expensive?

The Manhattan Institute has a map of the United States at It is worth a visit. If you click on a state it will tell give you the average cost of insurance before and after Obamacare for six groups: men and women ages 27, 40, and 64. One the West Coast, everyone is now paying more for insurance except 64-year old men and women. But in Arizona, 64-year-olds are seeing their monthly rates go up on average from $194/month to $494/month for men Read more […]