Not Face of a Rapist; Face of a Hero

Where will you find the face of a hero? In prison facing life incarceration for refusing to lie. I know this is not exactly a political post. Or maybe it is slightly. The idea that people who are convicted of a crime and completely serve their sentence can still be incarcerated forever for refusing to agree that they are guilty seems insane. We are bombarded with news about people who were executed or faced execution on a false verdict. While those get all the attention, the problems aren’t Read more […]

The VA’s “Systemic” Problem Shows the Failure of Secularism

I haven’t collected evidence that most people in authority at the VA are committed atheists. But I am guessing that most are nominal believers who go to church seldom if ever. I’m open to counter evidence. But until I see it, I’m going to assume that the people in the power structure of the VA are, with few exceptions, moderate and secular people rather than religious zealots of any kind, including committed. This is very important to correctly understanding the VA scandal. The Secretary Read more […]

Get the Government Out

Liberals often mock conservatives for supposedly having no answers to modern problems. To hear liberals explain it, the conservative response to everything is “get the government out of it.” And while it is most definitely true that this is a foundational plank of the conservative message, liberals are only giving half of the story when they say this. The primary reason why “getting the government out” does not sound like a credible solution to most liberals is because most liberals don’t Read more […]