Without DHS, Who Would Save Us from Pirated Panties?

Pirated panties and unlawful lingerie, oh my! Thankfully, the Department of Homeland Security exists to save us. After the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, we needed a new Federal agency to protect us from the horrible threats facing the nation. Thus, the Department of Homeland Security was founded. So now this Federal agency is being used to stop panties from being sold with pirated designs that allegedly infringe on the cash cow of an NFL team. According to the Washington Read more […]

How the Government Messes Up Drug Manufacturing

Allegedly, intellectual property laws are supposed to protect drug manufacturing by motivating the development of new products. But economist Megan McArdle points out that the government is actually making bizarre regulations that make no sense. She noticed this because a court ruled that Pfizer can be sued for harm caused by drugs made by another company. If someone gets a bad side effect from a generic drug based on Pfizer’s original work, then Pfizer will be held responsible. Why hold Read more […]

Intellectual Monopoly Laws Are Hurting Retailers

From the Washington Times: You wouldn’t normally think of bricks-and-mortar stores as major innovators concerned about patent lawsuits, but Eddie Bauer is one of a number of traditional companies warning Washington it’s worried. The outdoors clothing company said it, like so many other retailers with major online presence, has faced dubious patent claims over its Web operations. The businesses want Congress to give them tools to fight what some analysts call “patent trolls” — companies Read more […]

Guardian: File Sharing Site Was Really Bait For “Pirates”

I’m not advocating file sharing, but I’m afraid this applies to other areas: A high-profile file-sharing site has been revealed to be a year-long pirate “honeypot”, collecting data on users, file hosters and websites. The revelation, which had users of the forum up in arms, accompanied the purchase of the UploaderTalk (UT) site by US-based anti-piracy company Nuke Piracy. A honeypot is a facility, in this case a site, run under false pretences that encourages criminal behaviour in an effort Read more […]

How Drug Companies Encourage “Counterfeit” Drug Rings

I know a fellow who works with the FBI. He told me that the biggest crime operation he has to deal with on a regular basis is counterfeit Viagra. People buy and sell it on the black market. I would have never guessed. I mean, I know that people obtain prescription meds illegally and forge prescriptions, but I didn’t realize how big the underground counterfeit Viagra operation was. Recently, two American guys with Middle Eastern names got busted by the feds for taking fake Viagra pills from China Read more […]