Law School Professor Wants to End Free Speech because ISIS

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, the whole world made a big deal about free speech. It was mostly hypocritical posturing in France, and Liberals who contribute to are just as bad. Eric Posner, a professor at the University of Chicago Law School, is also the author of a book called The Twilight of International Human Rights Law. I wonder if he noticed the irony, as he wrote, Never before in our history have enemies outside the United States been able to propagate genuinely Read more […]

Reason Magazine’s Gag Order

The Libertarian publisher was subjected to a gag order about the government’s demand for information regarding online commenters. Back in January I posted about the trial of Rober Ulbricht, who was accused of being “the Dread Pirate Roberts,” the manager or enabler of the Silk Road website, the home of illegal transactions. There were several oddities about the case, not least that no one knows how the government gathered some of its evidence and the defense was not allowed to find out. Read more […]

Obama Administration Making Grab for Control of Internet

The mystery surrounding the Obama Administration’s “Net Neutrality” rules is giving way to panic, even on the Left. The Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler has refused, on the eve of the rules change, to even speak to Congress, which suddenly has a lot of questions. Questions are understandable, since even Silicon Valley advocates of Net Neutrality seem incapable of explaining what it is and why we need it. Gives the little guy a break, regulates the Internet, increases Read more […]

Will Congress Resist the FCC or Not?

The FCC is making partisan war and Congress needs to respond! FCC leadership now trying to block Commissioner Pai’s press releases from FCC website. So much for Open Internet! — Matthew Berry (@matthewberryfcc) February 18, 2015 If this is true, Congress needs to get off their rear ends and take action. I think defunding the entire FCC budget might get their attention. Does anyone see a problem with such secrecy in a government agency that is making decisions impacting private commerce? Read more […]

FCC Grab of the Internet being Kept Secret from Us Peasants

Why should a revolution in the government’s relationship to the internet be kept secret? Ajit Pai, a Republican member of the Federal Communications Commission released a statement that began thus: ON PRESIDENT OBAMA’S PLAN TO REGULATE THE INTERNET Last night, Chairman Wheeler provided his fellow Commissioners with President Obama’s 332-page plan to regulate the Internet.  I am disappointed that the plan will not be released publicly.  The FCC should be as open and transparent as Read more […]

United Nations Plans to Scrub Internet Free of Hate Speech

Mass global censorship of hate speech is the United Nation’s self-proclaimed goal. After the Islamic attack on the Charlie Hebdo newspaper we saw incredible posturing about freedom of speech. But it was all a ruse. There is no free speech in France. That means their posing over the Charlie Hebdo slaughters was not a statement by the French government in favor of freedom of speech, but an endorsement of the newspaper’s hateful blasphemy and mockery. Telling religious believers that they Read more […]

F.E.C. Dems Attack Conservatives in Alternative Media

We were warned that the Federal Election Commission was going to attack conservatives on the internet. As I wrote back in May, whether writing for my personal blog or writing here, I don’t have to hide my political opinions. I can tell you who I’m voting for and who I think you should vote for. But that freedom is not a surprise. The editorial boards of the New York Times and the Washington Post also have it. In fact, everyone should have it. It is called freedom of speech. It is one of the Read more […]

LGBT Technology Partnership and Institute: Public Schools Should Provide Less Filtering of Internet

The homosexual group wants schools to allow students to have more access to homosexual websites. According to the Daily Caller, the reason to reduce filtering is that the gay community has “particular needs” for the internet that call for government action. In particular, the group is urging a reform of the government’s E-Rate policy that they say is blocking low-income individuals and students from accessing important LGBT resources and reaching out to other members of the gay community. E-Rate Read more […]

The Liarocracy: Snowden Reveals NSA Tactics For Defaming Targets

Why do I distrust our government so much? Because I have experienced, first-hand, their untrustworthiness, and their slanders. One example: When I became involved in volunteer communications to assist families and on-the-scene rescuers following the horrendous 2010 earthquake in Haiti, many loved ones said my reports were the best information they could get anywhere. Informants on the ground paid me the highest compliment when they reported that leaders in Haiti believed I had to be in Port Au Read more […]

Add Snail Mail to Government Spying

Many Americans seemed outraged and violated when they learned that our government had been spying on our all of our phone calls and emails.  If that wasn’t enough, we learned that they have also been spying on our Internet usage, monitoring the sights we visit and our online transactions. In today’s electronic age, the government was using all of the technology they had to spy on Americans.  Nothing electronic was safe from federal prying eyes.  I know of some people who insist on using Read more […]

Paul Ryan Favors An Internet Sales Tax

Remind me again why we nominated Mitt Romney to run against Obama? Oh yeah, because the media told us he was the most “electable.” And Paul Ryan was used to “energize” the base. He’s young and handsome, and came across very “vice presidentially.” Who cares what he or Romney believed. This isn’t about principles. It’s about appearances. Our football culture treats politics like a game. That’s all presidential elections are to people. They’re just games, and voters cheer on Read more […]

Obama Endorses Internet Sales Tax

A vote was passed in the Senate on Monday to allow a vote on an Internet sales tax, and the bill received President Obama’s endorsement. Or, to put it more accurately, a bill passed that allows states the option of collecting taxes from Internet sales. Options for states are always preferred over states being obligated to follow orders from a central power that doesn’t know the specific and different needs of each state. If states want their residents to pay a sales tax when shopping online, that’s Read more […]