The California Version of Sharia Law

Behold the secularist/atheist’s version of Sharia Law. Christianity Today asks: “Will InterVarsity Losing Cal State Standoff Be Tipping Point for Campus Ministries Nationwide?” Despite a year’s worth of persuasion and a New York Times article that sparked widespead support this summer, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship has lost campus access in America’s largest university system because it requires student leaders to affirm Christian doctrines. California State University has told Read more […]

Diversity Enforced: University Excommunicates Christians

You would think that diversity enforced would result in the protection of diversity. But no, it results in what Christians call “excommunication” meaning “to be put out of fellowship.” Jesus gave instructions about excommunication as recorded in Matthew’s Gospel, chapter 18:15-20. “Excommunicated” is a Latin term and one could argue that one possible translation of that term would be “derecognized.” Which brings us to the California State University and its sixteen campuses. Read more […]