Why Modern Men Are Intolerant Tyrants

People claim to be gods and become intolerant tyrants–the opposite of the true god! In politics, the question of authority is inescapable. Every political system is rooted in some definition of where ultimate authority resides. The American experiment was founded upon “the laws of nature, and nature’s God”—i.e., the accepted Biblical worldview of Western society which submitted to a Divine Sovereign outside the realm of this creation, and Whose authority extends to all He has made. Now Read more […]

Liberal Intolerance Proven from Social Media

You’ve noticed that the liberal intolerance is showing up all over the culture. A CEO gets kicked out of his own company for supporting a winning California vote to define marriage as one man and one woman many years earlier. In other words, he held the stated position of Barack Obama at the same time that Obama held it. A state college system ends all Christian campus groups. A newspaper man is fired for disagreeing with homosexual mockery of Christianity. A Christian college loses a city contract Read more […]

Obama Congratulates NBA Star For “Coming Out”

Obama said he “couldn’t be prouder” of NBA star Jason Collins for announcing to the world that he was a homosexual. And I’m sure if Obama had a son, he’d look something like Jason. Here was Obama’s endorsement:  “He seems like a terrific young man, and I told him I couldn’t be prouder of him. One of the extraordinary measures of progress that we’ve seen in this country has been the recognition that the LGBT community deserves full equality, not just partial equality, not just Read more […]

9-Year-Old Student In Trouble For Having Army Soldiers On His Cupcakes

These outrageous school stories seem to be happening everyday. School administrators suspending young students for hand gestures, drawings, pastries and toys that look like guns. The paranoia of the left is unbelievable. And their “no-tolerance” policies are a complete joke. A more recent case comes out of Detroit, and the 9-year-old student didn’t get suspended, but he and his parents got chided by the school principal. How did the student misbehave? It was his birthday, and his parents Read more […]

Homosexual Couple Attempts To Force Christian School To Be Pagan

I don’t know how it is possible that Hope Christian School in Albuquerque, NM ever considered admitting the three-year-old boy into school, but when they discovered that he was being raised by “two dads,” they rejected his application. As much as it would have been wonderful to do whatever possible to disciple the child in the Faith, the legal mess would have been horrific. As soon as they taught the child about Adam and Eve, the “parents” would have been enraged and perhaps even gone to Read more […]