Are We becoming Less Self-Reliant Through Tech?

A new study indicates that we not self-reliant enough to live without our tech toys. I remember a time when being out on a major road trip without a phone didn’t bother me. As a college student, when my parents lived thousands of miles away (Kwajalein, Marshall Islands), I drove hundreds of miles on several major road trips by myself. There were no other options because mobile phones were not produced for the masses yet. I love how mobile phones make it easier to do things, but the anxiety Read more […]

Was The iPhone Security Flaw A Mistake Or NSA Backdoor?

I don’t always agree with the conspiracies posited at On the other hand, sometimes they are quite persuasive. And often the evil deeds they point to are not even really “conspiracies” since people are operating in plain sight, shamelessly. Yesterday, Steve Watson of Infowars addressed the question of the iPhone 6 “bug.” To get an idea of how serious this security vulnerability is, and how strangely silent Apple is being about it, see Techdirt’s post. Techdirt even mentions Read more […]

Why Obamacare Can’t Expect Word-Of-Mouth Marketing: Revisiting The iPhone Rollout

I wrote earlier about the Obamacare “peak”—how we can expect support to taper off. I think it might help to elaborate on one thing I mentioned. You need to read the post for the context, but my final sentence was: “What I don’t see happening is people who love their new health insurance so much that they convince their friends and family to jump on board.” I don’t think that goes far enough. It isn’t just that I don’t see it happening. Rather, it is completely impossible. Physically Read more […]

You May Want to Reconsider Your Big Brother Phone Provider

George Orwell (Eric Blair) began writing 1984, his novel of a dystopian future and the omnipresent Big Brother, in 1944. It was published in London in 1949 and five days later in New York. An immediate hit, the novel has remained in print, serialized on the radio, and produced on stage, screen, and television. (On June 10th, sales of 1984 were up 126 percent on Amazon.) Despite its enormous success over the past 64 years, the unavoidable cautions presented in 1984 and its Big Brother ways continue Read more […]

Why is the FBI Keeping Track of Apple Device Users?

A few years ago, FBI agent Christopher Stangl appeared in a video put out by the FBI calling on people with computer science degrees to join them as they were needed now more than ever. In the video posted to Facebook, he said this: Hello. My name is special agent Chris Stangl of the New York City field office of the FBI. Today more than ever we need individuals with computer science backgrounds to join the FBI. From a special agent that investigates cyber crime or the computer scientist that is Read more […]