Obama Touts Iran Nuclear Deal; Iran Takes 10 U.S. Sailors Captive

The real state of the union after seven years of President Obama: an international joke. While Obama tried to get America to hop on board his delusion train one last time during his State of the Union speech Tuesday, the Iranian government seized two U.S. Navy boats that entered Iranian waters and held the crews captive. The Iranian government accused the crews of “snooping” but said it will release them “promptly.” (Update: The sailors were reportedly released this morning.) Older readers Read more […]

Oil Company Stops Drilling without Environmentalists Forcing a Halt

An oil company already has market incentives to not drill too much and to preserve resources for the future. An oil company stopped drilling in the Arctic. Environmentalists rejoiced. But this shows us something about resource management. According to The Associated Press, “Shell ceases Alaska Arctic drilling, cites disappointing results from exploratory well.” Royal Dutch Shell will cease exploration in Arctic waters off Alaska’s coast following disappointing results from an exploratory Read more […]

Trump on Other Republicans: ‘They want to start World War III over Syria. Give me a break!’

Donald Trump blasts Republican foreign policy and suggests our Syria position will cause World War III. While this speech does display some of the flaws of Donald Trump (which he thinks of as his strengths) it also shows some insight into American policy and into what the voters want to hear. This video was posted at The Hill. Interestingly, the accompanying story gives the reader no idea that crowds were cheering him in Oklahoma City: “Trump: GOP rivals want to ‘start World War III over Read more […]

Muslims Converting to Christianity In Germany: Is It Genuine?

Maybe it doesn’t matter if the many Muslims converting to Christianity are doing it for worldly reasons. This story may show us that God, despite all the sin and unbelief in the world, may be having mercy on us: “At a Berlin church, Muslim refugees converting in droves.” Mohammed Ali Zonoobi bends his head as the priest pours holy water over his black hair. “Will you break away from Satan and his evil deeds?” pastor Gottfried Martens asks the Iranian refugee. “Will you break away from Islam?” “Yes,” Read more […]

Dick Cheney Tries to Revise History regarding Iraq

Contrary to Dick Cheney, invading Iraq took a stable country under a toothless dictator, and transformed it to a haven for terrorists. According to Bonnie Kristian at Rare.US, Dick Cheney is going on the news shows claiming that it was good we invaded Iraq: “No, Dick Cheney, you weren’t right about Iraq.” Naturally, this is coming up because Cheney is beating the war drums for Iran. So the question arises, why should we trust him about Iran when he was so wrong on Iraq? Cheney says Read more […]

The Foreign Policy Shell Game and Iran

First of all let me say this, “The Iranian leaders are bad people”. But that’s also my opinion of the Chinese leaders, Russian leaders, and frankly, the European technocrats too. I’m equal opportunity when it comes to central states and foreign policy. I do not like any of them. But a question keeps rolling around in the back of my mind, “Why does the United States hate Iran so much?” Really it doesn’t make any sense. I know, I know, they were chanting death to America the other day. Read more […]

Can Obama make a Deal with Iran?

Recently the United Nations Security Council endorsed the landmark nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers. They also adopted a series of measures leading to the end of U.N. sanctions on the country. Senator Mark Kirk, R-Ill. weighed in, calling the plan to “preempt” Congress’ review with a Security Council vote a “breathtaking assault on American sovereignty and Congressional prerogative.” Obama told reporters he’s hopeful Congress “will pay attention to that broad-based consensus” Read more […]

Amazing: A Media Outlet Identifies Muslim Murderer

Identifying a Muslim murderer as motivated by Islam? Are they allowed to do that? How dare these so-called journalists designate the murderers as Muslim! Haven’t they read the style manuals, and haven’t they listened to the President long enough to know you’re not allowed to link Islam to what people do when obeying the “prophet,” Muhammad? “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him” ~Bukhari 9.84.57 (Hadith) Here’s the headline at KHOU: “3 suspects charged with 2012 shooting Read more […]

Terrorism? What Terrorism? Cuba, Iran Get a Pass

What’s a half-century of well-earned antagonism toward the Communist regime of Cuba if it stands in the way of the legend of President Obama? Apparently not a lot. Tossing away the considered opinions of generations of presidents, congressmen, national security experts, veterans and refugees of the Castro regime, Barack Obama declared this week that Cuba hasn’t supported terrorism for at least six months, therefore he is removing that country from the U.S. State Department’s list of countries Read more […]

Michael Gerson Tells Huge Lie That Americans Want to Believe

Michael Gerson attacks Rand Paul and shows what kind of delusions he thinks his readers want to embrace. Ironically, Gerson’s headline in the Washington Post is “Rand Paul’s grand deception.” I don’t want to say much about Rand Paul in this post. I’m more interested in Gerson’s sick denial of the truths he admits in his own column. What kind of mental illness pervades our nation that we actually read this stuff? Gerson writes about an anti-war push by Rand Paul back when he filibustered Read more […]

Kerry: Iran to get Nuke Deal, ‘Allah Willing’

It was just a solitary phrase, spoken in passing at a chocolate shop. (Who spends their time in a chocolate shop?) But the fact that it was the secretary of state who said it, amid current circumstances, is enough to put the fear of God, or rather the fear of Allah, into any normal human being. “Inshallah,” Kerry said in response to a reporter saying Iranian acquaintances were looking forward to a deal. Inshallah is Arabic for “if Allah wills it.” Twitter commenter Ian Sugar snarked, Read more […]

No Ukraine Can’t Trust the US Gov and Neither Can We

Why would any nation trust the US with our current record? Oh, the tangled webs we weave… Here is the most important section of this essay by Senator Rob Portman: When Ukraine emerged as an independent nation after the Cold War, it inherited the world’s third-largest stockpile of nuclear weapons. As a newly independent state looking to ensure its sovereignty and territorial integrity, Ukraine could have relied on its nuclear arsenal to ward off would-be aggressors. Instead, Ukraine Read more […]