Is There a Terror Recruiting Problem in Minnesota?

According to the U.S. Attorney for Minnesota, “We have a terror recruiting problem.” What does that mean? It is possible that this new story grossly exaggerates what was going on. I’m so used to news stories where the FBI recruits and sets up the terror plot in order to “intervene” and make public arrests, that I can’t help but be suspicious. But, at this point, as far as I know this may all be quite genuine. According to ABC 5 Eyewitness News, Six Minnesotans who appeared in federal Read more […]

Michael Gerson Tells Huge Lie That Americans Want to Believe

Michael Gerson attacks Rand Paul and shows what kind of delusions he thinks his readers want to embrace. Ironically, Gerson’s headline in the Washington Post is “Rand Paul’s grand deception.” I don’t want to say much about Rand Paul in this post. I’m more interested in Gerson’s sick denial of the truths he admits in his own column. What kind of mental illness pervades our nation that we actually read this stuff? Gerson writes about an anti-war push by Rand Paul back when he filibustered Read more […]

Obama Administration: Yemen Is One of our Successes

The Obama Administration insists that Yemen still counts as a counter-terrorism success. How do we measure success or failure in our counterterrorism operations? We don’t know that U.S. drone strikes and other activities made Yemen more politically unstable or merely failed to save the contry. But in order to be able to claim that the Administration’s campaigns there have been successful, the Administration needs to be able to demonstrate to us that they at least understand the situation Read more […]

Terrorists: Is UK Government Apathetic or Incompetent or …?

“Jihadi John” still has access to his bank account; the UK Government has done nothing about it. Does the UK government really care about terrorism? You would think that it is self-evident that people in the UK government have self-interested reasons to care deeply about it since they don’t want to be killed by terrorists. Nevertheless, this motive has not been sufficient to get people within the UK government to take basic actions against terrorists. According to the Washington Times, “Jihadi Read more […]

CIA Cash Went to Al Qaeda

New York Times reports that CIA cash wound up going into Al Qaeda hands. But there is more to the story. When I saw this story in the New York Times, I assumed it was going to involve the basic ways the CIA has been funding terrorists, including Al Qaeda (whether directly or not, before 9/11, I don’t know for sure), since the late seventies. But no, it is about one small incompetent bit of terrorist financing, not intentional financing: “CIA Cash Ended Up in Coffers of Al Qaeda.” In Read more […]

Why Democrat Tax Hike Proposal Should be Taken Seriously

The Tea Party needs to seriously consider the meaning of this proposed tax hike. I’ve called Republicans “Traitors” for suggesting a tax hike, and I am not interested in cooperating with a Democrat’s proposed tax hike. The reason I think the proposal should be taken seriously is not because I want taxes raised, but because the call for new taxes reveals something important about the choices we face as a nation. CNS News reports, “Dem. Senator Calls For ‘War Surtax’ To Fight Read more […]

Defeating ISIS

A strategy for defeating ISIS is going to require something more than weapons. I have said it before, and I will keep on saying it: The key to defeating ISIS—and all of Islam—is not the military, but missionaries. Countless Muslims throughout the most hardened regions on earth are coming to faith in Jesus Christ—despite the many dangers it brings to them. Many others—maybe even more—are reportedly rejecting Islam and becoming practical (or real) atheists, because they are so Read more […]

Why Won’t They Just Say It?

Our leaders won’t say it but it is true: we are fighting an Islamic enemy. The White House is holding a summit this week titled “Countering Violent Extremism,” but you won’t hear them using the words “Islamic extremism”—and that’s on purpose. Why won’t the Obama administration identify the dangerous ideology that is responsible for many of the world’s terrorist groups and threats? Islamic extremism is a clear and present danger to both the U.S. and the international community, Read more […]

While the West Declines Middle-Eastern Christians Stand

Middle-Eastern Christians are putting their lives on the line to stand against the Islamic State. What a contrast with the West! Behold the results of debauched American leadership. Afghanistan – descending into chaos. Libya – Now in the hands of ISIS. Iraq – we removed a dictator (our former friend) and left anarchy. Everywhere we go these days we leave behind destruction and death. You never get involved in a battle without a clear and noble and achievable end. The American elite Read more […]

Wesley Clark Admits Allies Created Islamic State

Video was recently posted of Wesley Clark on CNN admitting that the Islamic State was the result of funding terrorists. Here is the video. I recommend that you watch and listen to Wesley Clark explain the origins of ISIS. I’m not great at taking dictation, but here is what I got from Wesley Clark: ISIS got started with funding from friends and allies because, as people will tell you in the region, if you want someone who will fight to the death against Hezbollah, you don’t put up a recruiting Read more […]

Refugees Welcomed Despite Terrorist Risk

Syrian refugees will be welcomed in our country despite the threat that some might be undercover terrorists. We get this interesting tidbit from ABC News: “US Officials Admit Concern Over Syrian Refugee Effort.” Top U.S. counterterrorism officials say they worry a potential terrorist could be hiding among refugees who are looking to come to the United States after escaping the brutal war in Syria. “It’s clearly a population of concern,” the director of the National Counterterrorism Read more […]

Why We Will Soon be Laughed at in Arabic

When this State Department spokesperson gets translated into Arabic, We Will Be a Laughingstock. Please… I beg of you… tell me she was auditioning as the new host for the Daily Show. Via Fox News Politics: “State Department spokeswoman floats jobs as answer to ISIS.” What the West really needs to take on the Islamic State is … a jobs program.  That’s what a top State Department spokeswoman suggested when asked in a TV interview Monday night about what the U.S.-led coalition Read more […]